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Rating: 4.5/5 - 691 votes – is an exciting arena survival online game in which you start out as a sea creature trying to stay alive in the ruthless underwater world. Then you evolve into a crab and so on, gradually becoming a more complex organism. There is always plenty of food around but there are also many other people trying to eat it, so you will have to hide and fight in order to achieve great results and make it to the top of the leader boards. Enjoy and share with your friends!

Attention: unblocked update is here.
New modes added: Free for all, team vs team, 1 on 1 and protect the pearl. So choose any mode you like and enjoy the game.

How to play is fairly easy to learn. Use your mouse to control the creature and make it swim by pointing the cursor in the desired direction (alternatively, use joystick or finger depending on your platform). Land is only accessible to certain animals – some can walk, others can hop. To do that simply click the left mouse button or tap on the screen. Boost is available both in the air and in the water by left-clicking or tapping (only works if the special boost gauge is displayed). For some animals like whales and bears and sharks this action is not available – they get their own skills instead.

The layout is different for mobile users. Moving, abilities and chat toggles can be performed as follows: Gameplay Video

On our website you can watch some videos of’s epic gameplay. Strategy

Hints and strategy guides (from deeeep io wiki) for players looking to up their game.

Become the sole master of the marine or share its riches with your team!

Updated by the Deeeep.Monster team


Tips for Specific Species

Piranha.png Piranhas

Frog.png Frog

Fish.png Fish

King Crab.png King Crab

Lamprey.png Lamprey

Jellyfish.png Jellyfish

Flying fish.png Flying fish

Squid.png Squid

Seagull.png Seagull

Ray.png Ray

Bobbit worm Bobbit worm

Beaver.png Beaver

Anglerfish.png Anglerfish

Penguin.png Penguin

Sea Turtle.png Sea Turtle

Do not stay around Top tiers, as you are weak, Wait till you can evolve, and then get closer.

Eat the stuff off beaver dams, and eat the littler things.

Octopus.png Octopus

Hammerhead.png Hammerhead

Oarfish.png Oarfish

Mantis shrimp Mantis shrimp

Shark.png Shark

Stonefish Stonefish

Orca.png Orca

Sunfish.png Sunfish

Cachalot.png Cachalot

Giant Squid/Kraken Giant Squid/Kraken

Bald Eagle.png Bald Eagle

Manta ray Manta Ray

Hippo.png Hippo

Marlin.png Marlin

Gulper eel.png Eels

Crocodile.png Crocodile

Polar Bear.png Polar bears

Sawfish Sawfish

Worm.png Worm






If you wish to stay in the Arctic, then eat the volcanic food. This raises your temperature.


Lion's Mane Jellyfish

Lion's mane jellyfish are weak against three strategies.


is very weak but gives decent XP. squid and up can one shot but squid tier has recoil. Animals

Gradually grow into a big powerful fish. You can eat all the animals except the ones of your own kind.

Every fish has its own traits: for example, Calamari can become invisible, Badgers can’t dive very deep, Sharks cannot eat whales and so on. So do your best to become the strongest animal and consume every other fish, crab and calamari.

See the table (from wiki) for more detailed descriptions of all deeeep io animals.

Updated by the Deeeep.Monster team

Tier 1

All tier one animals are starter animals. They do not evolve from anything.

Animal Evolves To Ability Image
Clown Fish Crab Your movement speed is increased when near other Fish. Fish.png
Blobfish King Crab Other than being a deeeep creature, you are identical to the  fish. Blobfish.png
Icefish King Crab You are the arctic equivalent of the  fish. You can also stay still to get more regeneration.
Worm Lamprey You are able to move through the ground, but you have no boosts. Worm.png
Piranha Two Piranhas


You can grow in numbers with each evolution. Using a dash gives a speed boost. Piranha.png

Tier 2

Animal Evolves To Evolves From Ability Image
Crab Jellyfish


Flying Fish

Giant Isopod

Fish You can walk on land and hide in island bushes. Crab.png
King Crab Blobfish


Reflects a percentage of damage taken back at the attacker King Crab.png
Lamprey Worm


Using a dash into an animal tier five and above attaches to them. You get a portion of all food they collect. Lamprey.png
Two Piranhas Jellyfish


Flying Fish

Giant Isopod

Three Piranhas

Piranha You can grow in numbers with each evolution. Using a dash gives a speed boost. Piranha.png

Tier 3

Animal Evolves To Evolves From Ability Image
Jellyfish Squid

Little Auk




King Crab


Two Piranhas

You poison anyone you touch. Jellyfish.png
Frog You can walk on land, and can jump higher than normal. Frog.png
Flying Fish You can glide above water.
Flying fish.png
Giant Isopod By using a dash, you roll up into a ball. In this state, you are invincible, but cannot move.
Giant Isopod.png
Three Piranhas Squid


Little Auk

Four Piranhas

Two Piranhas You can grow in numbers with each evolution. Using a dash gives a speed boost. Piranha.png

Tier 4

Animal Evolves To Evolves From Ability Image
Squid Seagull






Flying Fish

Giant Isopod

Three Piranhas

Staying still hides you. Squid.png
Catfish Charging a dash will suck in nearby food and prey.
Little Auk You can fly while still being able to swim equally well.
Little auk.png
Four Piranhas Seagull




Five Piranhas

Three Piranhas You can grow in numbers with each evolution. Using a dash gives a speed boost. Piranha.png

Tier 5

Animal Evolves To Evolves From Ability Image
Seagull Ray


Electric Eel




Little Auk

Four Piranhas

You can fly and hide in trees. You poop every so often. Seagull.png
Barreleye You see animals from further away. Barreleye.png
Duck You can fly and hide in beaver dams. Duck.png
Seal You can walk on land. Staying still while standing on ice turns you invisible. Swimming near ground gives you a small speed boost. Seal.png
Five Piranhas Ray


Electric Eel


Six Piranhas

Four Piranhas You can grow in numbers with each evolution. Using a dash gives a speed boost. Piranha.png

Tier 6

Animal Evolves To Evolves From Ability Image
Ray Beaver




Gulper Eel





Five Piranhas

Staying still with your head touching any ground hides you. Ray.png
Pelican You can fly. Using a dash into an animal tier four and below absorbs them. Pelican.png
Electric Eel Using your dash stuns nearby animals and takes animals out of cover.
Electric Eel.png
Pufferfish Using your dash inflates you. While inflated, anything that touches you gets poisoned and knocked back. Pufferfish.png
Six Piranhas Beaver




Gulper Eel

Seven Piranhas

Five Piranhas You can grow in numbers with each evolution. Using a dash gives a speed boost. Piranha.png

Tier 7

Animal Evolves To Evolves From Ability Image
Beaver Sea Turtle


Snapping Turtle


Sea Lion



Electric Eel


Six Piranhas

You can hide in dams. Beaver.png
Anglerfish Staying still turns you invisible and spawns fake food. If anyone eats the fake food, your next hit will be 100% more damage. Anglerfish.png
Penguin You can walk on land, and can hide in igloos. Penguin.png
Snake You can walk on land. You can also climb up and hide in trees. Using a dash into an animal attaches you to them and poisons them. Snake.png
Gulper Eel Using a dash into an animal absorbs them and deals damage over time. Gulper eel.png
Seven Piranhas Sea Turtle


Snapping Turtle


Sea Lion

Eight Piranhas

Six Piranhas You can grow in numbers with each evolution. Using a dash gives a speed boost. Piranha.png

Tier 8

Animal Evolves To Evolves From Ability Image
Sea Turtle Hammerhead Beaver




Gulper Eel

Seven Piranhas

You block 50% of hits except when hit in the head. You are immune to poison. Sea Turtle.png
Octopus Humboldt Squid You mimic the appearance and movement style of anything you kill for a short while. Using your dash leaves ink behind you that can blind other animals. You can walk on land. Octopus.png
Snapping Turtle Manatee Staying still with your head touching any ground turns you invisible and spawns fake food. Snapping Turtle.png
Dragonfish Oarfish Charging a dash will slow down animals in front of you.  
Sea Lion Leopard Seal


Your attack damage is increased when near other Sea Lions.  
Eight Piranhas Manatee

Nine Piranhas

Seven Piranhas You can grow in numbers with each evolution. Using a dash gives a speed boost. Piranha.png

Tiers 9 and 10

The specific way of which animals evolve after tier eight gets complicated. The animals are sorted in these charts based on which animal you have to evolve to on tier eight to get there.

Sea Turtle's Evolutions

To evolve into any of these animals, you must pick the  Sea Turtle when you get the chance.

Animal Evolves To Evolves From Ability Image
Hammerhead Shark

Whale Shark

Sea Turtle You can smell blood. Blood icons lead to hurt animals. Hammerhead.png
Shark Top Tier Hammerhead Using a dash gives you a 100% speed boost and a 50% damage boost. You can track bleeding players. Shark.png
Whale Shark You have  Remoras to protect you. Hold your dash to order them to attack the nearest animal. Whale Shark.png

Octopus's Evolutions

To evolve into any of these animals, you must pick the  Octopus when you get the chance.

Snapping Turtle's Evolutions

To evolve into any of these animals, you must pick the  Snapping Turtle or the eight tier of  Piranhas when you get the chance.

The tier nine animal you must choose to get your desired top tier depends, but it is definitely on this table.

Animal Evolves To Evolves From Ability Image
Manatee Bald   Eagle




Snapping Turtle

Eight Piranhas

Using your boost heals 50% of your health. You heal nearby swamp animals. Manatee.png
Nine Piranhas Ten Piranhas Eight Piranhas You can grow in numbers with each evolution. Using a dash gives a speed boost. Piranha.png
Bald Eagle Top Tier Manatee You can fly. Using a dash into an animal grabs them and deals damage over time. You see animals that are above water from further away. Bald Eagle.png
Crocodile Using a dash into an animal grabs them. You can shake them for extra damage. You can walk on land. Staying still on top of the water will transform you into a beaver dam.
Hippo Using a dash gives you a speed boost and slows animals you make contact with. You can walk on land. Hippo.png
Anaconda You can climb and hide in trees, just like a snake. Instead of striking out and poisoning your enemies, you can wrap around them and slowly suffocate them.  
Ten Piranhas Nine Piranhas You can grow in numbers with each evolution. Using a dash gives a speed boost. Piranha.png

Tiers 9 and 10 - Dragonfish's Evolutions

To evolve into any of these animals, you must pick the  Dragonfish when you get the chance.

Animal Evolves To Evolves From Ability Image
Oarfish Manta Ray


Goblin Shark

Dragonfish You can't harm animals tier five and below except for  Jellyfish. You heal nearby animals that you can't harm. You are immune to poison. Oarfish.png
Manta Ray Top Tier Oarfish Can join up to four animals. A full charge boost replicates them.  
Sunfish Your attack has no recoil. You regenerate faster when closer to the surface. Sunfish.png
Goblin Shark Using your dash will give you a speed boost and poison fangs at your head. Clicking with poison fangs will launch them.  

Tiers 9 and 10 - Sea Lion's Evolutions

To evolve into any of these animals, you must pick the  Sea Lion when you get the chance.

The tier nine animal you must choose to get your desired top tier depends, but it is defiantly on this table.

Animal Evolves To Evolves From Ability Image
Leopard Seal Polar Bear

Elephant Seal

Sleeper Shark

Sea Lion You can walk on land. A deadlier, faster version of the penguin. Leopard Seal.png
Narwhal Cachalot



You cause anything you touch to bleed. Narwhal.png
Dolphin Marlin


You can jump out of the water and back in for a speed boost that can stack up to three times. Dolphin.png
Polar Bear Top Tier Leopard Seal Using your dash throws snowballs that can slow animals down. You can travel through ice. Polar Bear.png
Elephant Seal Your attack damage increases after being damaged. If you are poisoned or are bleeding, you inflict those upon hit.  
Sleeper Shark By boosting into someone you can hold onto them. Shake from side to side to hurt them.  
Cachalot Narwhal Using your dash emits a blast and slows anything it hits. Cachalot.png
Whale Using your dash can suck in animals. Tier 5 and below will become trapped until you take a breath, and above will get hurt. Whale.png
Marlin Narwhal


You can move exceptionally fast, and boosting will cause enemies to bleed. Marlin.png
Orca Dolphin Using a dash into an animal grabs them. Orca.png Evolution Tree

Evolution is a process that happens when an animal gets a certain amount of experience by consuming food.

This is the full evolutionary tree. It includes all the stages of evolution that affect the level 10 animal you want to upgrade.

Click image to view full size evolution tree!

Deeeep io Evolution Tree

Hacks and Cheats Codes

Deeeep io Hacks and Cheats Codes

Due to extreme server load (some haters orchestrated a ddos attack on us because of the hack of we have temporarily stopped giving out the hacks publicly.

Stay tuned for updates on or website - we will re-open access to that part of the site in the coming days.

Access will be only restored for a short time so don't miss out on the giveaway!

Make sure to share the link on your socials and bookmark our site not to miss the chance of discovering exclusive hacks from our team!!!

Last updated: 2020-07-06

The next distribution of hacks through:


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Results of the Community Tierlist + New Players mains poll

Updated 26.06.2020

Results of the Community Tierlist + New Players mains poll

It's been 2 months since the poll, and this tierlist is based on its results (112 votes). Mind that most of the votes are prior to the last update changes. Further explanations in the comments.

A reminder that you can still vote or edit your vote, and that you can find polls and other tools on our sidebar and menu.

Players Mains poll:

Live results.

submitted by /u/sirDangel

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[TIP] How to deal with annoyances in the game chat

Updated 07.07.2020

[TIP] How to deal with annoyances in the game chat submitted by /u/sirDangel

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FFA in a seashell(nutshell)

Updated 09.07.2020

FFA in a seashell(nutshell) submitted by /u/tinyshape9

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Teams in a nutshell (TFFA)

Updated 09.07.2020

Teams in a nutshell (TFFA) submitted by /u/TitanOfDeep

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pearl defense penguin mains be like

Updated 08.07.2020

pearl defense penguin mains be like submitted by /u/MolaMola814

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a summary of this subreddit (comparison by size)

Updated 09.07.2020

a summary of this subreddit (comparison by size) submitted by /u/SurvivWarrior

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Types of PD Players

Updated 09.07.2020

The Pro: Always at the top of the leaderboard, does everything correct and doesn't do stupid things to his teammates.

Meat Shield: The guy who gets shoved into the enemy when he is on low health, so his teammates can eat his meat.

Pusher: The guy who shoves the meat shield to it's death.

The Tier 9: Usually good at the animal they are and will stay t9 the whole game.

The Stupid Guy: Always blocks your way when you have the pearl and when they have the pearl, they never score.

The Tryhard: The pancake that goes ham on everything.

Mr. Steal-yo-meat: The stonefish that steals your kills.

Succ: The whale that swims around using their succ every chance they get.

Mr. Sneak: Camps right at your goal (usually a bobbit or salamander) and prevent you from scoring everytime.

The storyteller: The dumb guy on your team who just sits at your base and tells a story that no one cares about.

The viber: Manta or Sunfish

The lamprey alt guy: The match has basically ended if he joins.

submitted by /u/FaTsOmAsTeR

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First post here

Updated 08.07.2020

First post here submitted by /u/Magnapyritor2

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Glitch (Possibly?)

Updated 09.07.2020

Does anybody else notice that the ground and reef feel sticky. I don't know but I just feels like im being pulled on the ground when I touch it

submitted by /u/JaceLikesMemes

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is it an UPDATE?!?

Updated 09.07.2020

is it an UPDATE?!? submitted by /u/Deeeep_PoLaR_

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Croc 1v1 Guide

Updated 09.07.2020

I'm going to list my ways I use to 1v1 animals as croc in the 1v1 gamemode.

Walrus: Use your ability to grab and wall pin it. Walrus already sucked against grabbers you should have no problem with it.

Polar Bear: Try to use your ability on it. If you succeed use your ability again and facetank. If the polar bear managed to hit you with a snowball, run away and try again later. Eventually it'll mess up.

E Seal: Facetank it until you're both at around half health, then use your ability on it twice and it should die.

Whale, Humpback, Cach: Get a boost as fast as you can and go after them (you can facetank humpback). When your almost dead boost away and quickly regen. Then go back and keep whittling down their health.

LBST: This guy is tricky. Try to bait out one of his forcefields then grab them and they will use their forcefield to break free from your grab. Repeat this and both sides will have no grabs left. The just facetank them. Tou can also hit and run LBST since you are significantly faster.

Marlin: You destroy marlin. Just use your ability on it and it'll get destroyed. There is literally almost no way to lose to marlin.

Orca: Your only real counter. These guys are annoying af. Keep 2 boosts with you at all time to escape their airpins. You can facetank orca BTW. If they airpin you and your out of boosts your dead. Make sure to not get airpinned at all costs. Try to just facetank and end them.

Coco: Just facetank and use your ability you should be able to win. If the coco is smart and stays on the seafloor, just wait until TA to 1v1 it.

Whale Shark: Go after it right when the match starts. It can't facetank without it's remoras. You'll get in significant damage. After that just hit and run it. You can beat a whale shark that has 4 remoras in a facetank if its under half health.

Basking: Just facetank it to half health then hit and run it.

Tiger Shark: You beat it in a facetank. Just to be sure use your ability on it at least once.

GS: After they drag you around, grab them and go ham on them. They will get destroyed. Plus you beat them in a facetank, so you can always wait until TA.

CS: Similar to LBST, but just hit and run this guy. You're faster and If you airpin him he's dead.

Moray and Goblin Shark: These guys are to frail to put up a real fight, just use your ability on them and they'll be dead in no time.

Stonefish: Keep them in the ground and they'll die from oxygen.

Pancake: If you can bait out one of their boosts go after them. If you can't try to get the first grab in (pancakes stun overrides your grab). If you manage to grab it first it's dead meat.

Thresher, Shark, and Bull Shark: Grab and wreck it.

Sleeper: Stay away from the sides and floor of the map so it can't pin you. Try to grab it when its not ready and 1v1 it in the open water. If you get pinned to the ground try to run away, regen, then try again.

Manta and Eagle: Manta and Eagle are jokes in 1v1.

Anaconda: Just time your grab right and you'll win (croc grab overrides anaconda grab).

AST: If you manage to grab the ast it's dead meat if it stuns/ bleeds you. Run away and try again. Eventually it will mess up and let you grab it.

Gar and Sawfish: Dead meat if you wall pin it.

Sunfish and GST: 50% armor penetration; these guys are nothing to crocs.

Hippo: Hit and run it. Hippos are clumsy and easy to kill if they don't have 3 boosts. Plus they can't get there boosts back as fast as you can.

Piranhas: Take them out as fast as you can. If they manage to get to TA, try to take out the swarm when all piranhas are at half health. In TA you have around 75% chance of beating a piranha swarm. That's why its crucial to take them out from the beginning.

submitted by /u/FaTsOmAsTeR

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ah crap here we go again

Updated 09.07.2020

guys, it's dire, the game is looking like mid-2019 again and we have yet to find the DEV.

numerous suggestions have been made yet still no sign.

obviously I don't want to rush the dev here, BUT, i'm asking the mods, has fede been on anytime recently?

it seems not but since maps haven't been updated and the skins promised aren't out, it just hit my mind to ask.

Finding DEV 3 when?

submitted by /u/Shivvy_27

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How to get rid of these numbers or change them to my name?

Updated 09.07.2020

How to get rid of these numbers or change them to my name? submitted by /u/Deeeep_PoLaR_

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Teaming (FFA/TFFA)

Updated 09.07.2020

This is a complete guide to teaming strategies and team builds. My expertise is very limited because my teams are tank-centric; if you have your own strategies, please feel free to list them.

Terminology and Strategies in FFA/TFFA

Teams in either mode require a center of sorts, or a person in your team that the rest of your team is built around.

This center is also usually the one that the rest of the team follows, and takes the middle slot in your build. For reference, in a Whale Cach duo the Whale would be the center (this is because the Cachalot accents the Whale).

The Cachalot in this instance makes the team a meta. That is to say, Whale Cachalot is a tested pairing that works well with each other and the rest of the team.

Now with the Whale Cach pair in mind, a logical next step is a catcher, and that’s a word thrown around a lot that normally indicates a grabbing animal; however, a catcher can be any animal with a unique ability or pincering capabilities. It’s only job is to catch, and beyond that, guard the center.

The best catcher for a Whale Cachalot pairing is either Orca or Humpback. Orca has great damage and the ability to grab and throw whereas the Hump can use speed and blast songs. Both of these can make an excellent trio that excels at efficiency and survival.

An additional player to this matchup can either be a guardian for survivability or a follow-up.

A follow-up is a term I use often, and it stands for this gray zone in the team build where you don’t necessarily need another member but if you had one, which would you choose.

A follow-up is often a well-rounded, damage-dealer that’s meant for two tasks:

  1. Finish an enemy if they escape.

  2. Save a teammate from a close call.

Quite literally translating to a position coming into play after an attack; a follow-up.

A great animal that excels at these tasks in this specific Whale/Cach/Orc build is Tiger Shark. Tiger Shark gets bonuses in shallow water and can make a speedy entry. It has solid stats, and does well at standing back until it’s needed.

A guardian can also take this slot, or make the team a 5 person group. Guardians have similar tasks, but are a little different in their primary goals:

  1. Protect your team, and sacrifice yourself to protect the center and/or meta if the situation calls for it.

  2. Keep your team together, and try to keep players from splitting off.

The best animal for this job in our build is Basking Shark. You can never go wrong with having a Basking Shark on your team; it not only has anti-team capabilities, but it can also be a nice damage-sponge in dire situations.

An optimal team is 3-4 people, but a 5 person team can do well if your core is in sync. 5 should always be the cap, and if you have more that are willing to play with you then consider splitting your team into different cells.

Survivability and Efficiency

This is in regards to if your team can survive, and how much score and kills you can get with your team build.

Survivability comes at the cost of efficiency, and vice versa. You have to trade one for the other because they require very different animals to be on the team.

For survival, you want an animal that can tank, stun, slow, or deter. The aforementioned Basking Shark is a good choice, but Leatherback, Humpback, Cachalot, Coconut Crab, and even Sunfish can all replace Basking Shark on an Ocean Team.

Efficiency depends not only on your damage dealers, but also on your teams core. Whale Cachalot is one of the best cores to have for a team, but others include Whale Coconut, Whale Orca, Whale Basking, Orca Cachalot, Orca Basking, Torpedo Basking, Hump Basking, Hump Hump, etc.

Team “Build”

A team build not only indicates what animals are on your team, but also the order in which they should be acquired.

My usual order goes like this:

  1. Whale - center

  2. Cachalot - meta

  3. Orca - Catcher

  4. Basking - Guardian

  5. Anything - Follow-up

If you only have 3 people on a team build like this, then it’s Whale/Cach/Orca in that order. If there’s only 2 then Whale Cach.

This is only on my build though. If it’s a Whale Orca build then obviously the duo would be Whale and Orca.

Team Builds

I can’t reliably say what works best. I would say for any rising clans or friend groups, just look for what you have the most fun with.

What I’m listing is what I consider to be solid builds for their purpose. They work well, not only because of their composition, but also because of those I play with.

Ocean Builds

I’ve already explained Whale Cachalot in my examples above, so I’ll delve into some other builds.

Stun Spam:

The easiest to create with randoms, this is a team of Humpbacks with one Basking Shark to catch/guard.

Basking is a good choice for this layout and for its position because it can’t be stunned and has a regular boost. It can also face-tank other Basking Sharks, and fight off teams made to counter a Humpback team.

Reef/Kelp Build:

  1. Whale - center

  2. Coconut Crab - meta

  3. Orca - Catcher

  4. Leatherback/Basking Shark/Cachalot - Guardian

  5. Sawfish/Torpedo - Follow-up

Whale Coconut Crab is an excellent meta strategy that the two can create. Whale can catch a sinking animal to do underwater air-pin damage; or more simply, a Whalepool without the vortex. If the animal sinks to the bottom, then Whale can also do massive ping-pong damage using the terrain floor.

Coco has the speed in these shallow biomes, and is a very good tank that can easily replace Cachalot.

Torpedo is special because you almost never want one on your team, but in TFFA I recommend Torpedo as a decent follow-up for its stun and slowing aura.

Swamp Build

  1. GST/Hippo - Center

  2. Gar - meta

  3. Croc - Catcher

  4. Hippo - Guardian

  5. Conda/Croc - follow-up

Any of the swamp tanks plus Gar can make for a deadly pairing. You essentially combine speed/damage with an immovable wall.

GST is especially good for its added survivability and ability to face-tank Basking Shark and most Ocean animals you’ll face in Estuary.

I wouldn’t recommend relying overly on Anaconda because of its weak stats, but it can make for a great follow-up to catch runners and to save a teammate from death.

Deep Build

  1. Giant Squid - Catcher/Center

  2. Giant Squid - meta

  3. Sleeper Shark - Center/Guardian

  4. Colossal Squid - Guardian/meta

  5. Sleeper Shark/Goblin Shark - Follow-up

This one is messy, and that’s because a deep team really only needs two decent Giant Squids.

A perfect deep team can really just be numerous, or dependent on skill which is why composition is hard to decide. To offer a better explanation: a Csquid, Gob, or Sleeper can be extremely beneficial for your team, but only if the person using them is good with the animal and at teamwork.

If you have a person who doesn’t have either qualities on your team, have them stick with Giant Squid or else they can drag the team down.

Animals That Need Skill

These are animals that require the player to have teaming skills in order to be used effectively:

  • Humpback. This can be dangerous for a team if the Hump is using Blast. Make sure your Humpback is competent.
  • Orca. This one can be a positive just as much as it can be a negative. You don’t need a great Orca player, just one that’s has quick reactions and good teamwork skills.
  • Cachalot. It’s very easy to be a worthless Cachalot. Don’t slow your team, don’t split off, watch your oxygen, and don’t use your ability before the slow timer is at its end.
  • Bullshark/Moray/Tiger. Don’t believe that just because you’re on a team, you’re invincible. Keep your distance and come into play when needed. Try not to be a liability either.
  • Sleeper/Polar/Gob. It’s very easy for friendly fire to occur, or to miss your shots. As Sleeper, release an ally immediately and try not to stun.
submitted by /u/Acodicwhitebeard

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An example of very bad cooperation

Updated 08.07.2020

10/10 cooperation

Mods, you can't really remove this for low effort this time =P.

submitted by /u/HelloIProcrastinate

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Analyzing Anti-teaming + request for a teaming flair

Updated 08.07.2020

Anti-teaming posts recently blew up, and it's for a variety of factors. But the most intrinsic issue for anti-teaming, and why it's not going away anytime soon, is our very own Dev.

What is anti-teaming?

I would describe anti-teaming as the community's way to vent their frustration. Everytime that pesky narwhal horde slaughtered them, or those 17 whales who effectively create a black hole, or the 23 humpback blast spammers rendering people immobile killed them, they got angry. They tried to make people against teaming, arguing it was morally incorrect and implied that the teamers had no skill (which they probably don't).

But anti-teaming posts have gone on and on, like a broken record, vilifying teaming and complaining, while most never naturally progressing to the next step; trying to fix it.

And those who do try to fix it realize that this will definitely hurt the game.

Passive abilities, like only one person can hit you for a certain amount of time, not only create unintentional encounters where a flying fish gives someone the gift of immortality, they create exploits too, where a worm gives his friend immortality, allowing the person to farm incessantly. And worst of all, they kind of change the whole idea of scavenging, which is how piranhas and new people to the game manage to get to a high tier. Now all of a sudden piranha is useless. And it also creates scenarios where a pursued animal whose passive mechanic has worn off hits a low tier, and now the pursuer can't do anything. And the catch? It doesn't even stop teaming. Let's say you're a low hp croc, and are being pursued by a marlin. You have been hit b4, so the passive mechanic applies, you can't hit or be hit by anything other than the marlin. Suddenly, a massive wall of piranhas whacks you. You can't move, or airboost, and going up or down wastes valuable time. The marlin catches up. It isn't pretty. There are more problems with this solution than by just dealing with teaming. Also this is SirDangel's idea, so Dangel if you have a solution to all these problems let us hear it.

People Getting Annoyed

The amount of anti-teaming posts got to an extent that people started making anti anti teaming posts, asking people to stop posting anti-teaming material. I understood why. No one wants to hear your story of people teaming, we've all seen teamers. What we want is a concrete solution, that doesn't make more problems. Then all sorts of arguments sprung up, with teamers and vibers getting offended, and then anti-teamers getting offended that they had the guts to be offended.

We aren't going to get anywhere yelling teamer bad and not doing anything about it. And sadly, that's all we've been doing. No wonder people get annoyed at anti-teaming rhetoric, it's just the same old "uWu I was a marlin with 69million and suddenly 345 orcas grabbed me and kil me ;-; pls fix this fed".

Why there really is no perfect solution

Even if someone comes up with something that will really stop teaming in it's tracks, there's a pretty low chance it will work out. Look at Fede's track record with listening to suggestions. The Thresher shark and LBSt should have been totally different, and instead we get a jedi force field and a machine gun, both of which have never been meta animals. And there just is no way someone can stop teaming. It's not possible. People have tried for a years. There's always another problem.

Fede tried adding an anti-teaming animal, but that failed miserably. Any team with a stunner can kill a basking. Heck, any stunner alone can skill a basking. And they can never secure the kill, so they just end up throwing the teamers in the air. Not a great solution. People act like LBST is also a great anti-team animal, and that's just ridiculous. LBST can't kill anything. Interestingly, CS, an animal not intended for anti teaming whatsoever, proves far more effective. Any kind of passive mechanic will disrupt the game's ecosystem completely. I acknowledge that i made one of these ecosystem destroying anti-teaming suggestions, but I have seen the error of my ways.

So what do we do?

It's simple. Fede can't do anything that will solve teaming. It's just not possible, without destabilizing this game.

So we as players have to stand up. Don't just complain about teaming, do something about it. Fight back. Gain their trust, and strike while they are weak. There is no Holy Grail for an anti-teaming solution. If you search for one, you are searching in vain. Teaming is a part of this game. You can't remove it without hurting the game. But that doesn't mean we give up. The one thing that can never hurt the game, is the game itself. Fight within the game. Don't try to change it from the outside.

(no teaming flair sorry)

submitted by /u/whoatherebuddycoolit

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Woah I can’t believe it

Updated 09.07.2020

So u/ShocnotShoe pointed out how euro got updated. Guess it did because when I checked it out, it was the new sushui ffa. I strongly apologize for saying against the dev, ig we never noticed. But, we did deserve some sort of announcement.

My only question is, when will all the other maps get updated and are bug fixes/etc coming?

If they aren’t, I’m guessing euro was a test.

submitted by /u/Shivvy_27

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Tips and triks for stuff I guess

Updated 08.07.2020

1 When you have no boosts as a coco crab and your after someone spam click because you will get a little boost this makes you around the same speed as a water animal going right of left (not up tho).

2 If you are a cach never hunt in the ocean just in the deep because then you get a 15 percent speed boost.

3 When you fight a croc and they can grab you alway try to bait a boost and then fight not ast tho just try to use a stun boost just before you think they’ll grab you.

4 If you are a humpback and are using megapetera’s combo (speed+war+stun) always hit them two times before using stun to do more damage.

5 When your whale THRESHER VERY BAD just try to run cause when you activate succ thresher can just use ability and go yeeet.

And there are some more I got but that’s for another post.

submitted by /u/Yeezybeezy5283

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Vent about your reconnecting troubles!

Updated 09.07.2020

I was just playing pearl defense, other team had our pearl, and I was in prime position to retrieve it. The reconnecting bug had other plans. I grabbed the amimal right next to the pearlbearer, and attempted to let go to grab the pearlbearer. I reconnected, and a second later I am dead, as this happened right at the other teams pearl. I am forced to watch as my team attempt to break their pearl instead of retrieve ours, and they win. I apologised for this right after (of course).

So, in the comments, vent about the worst times reconnecting has screwed you over, all the times it ended you harder than those whale teams!

submitted by /u/bellethebeauty91

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Moray eel bug infinite boosts (on land)

Updated 08.07.2020

Moray eel bug infinite boosts (on land) submitted by /u/Deeeep_PoLaR_

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ok well that was weird and annoying

Updated 08.07.2020

so this one time i was playing PD since the other game modes are dying and have no point,and my team was getting the pearl and then a marlin of ours grabbed the pearl and didnt put it in goal,he just spinned around the water,we told him to click at the goal but he didnt do that,then everyone was begging for him to click,he did it and i grabbed the pearl,and he was doing this on purpose since he was blocking me from getting to the goal,this lasted about 20 minutes,and literally the whole team was angry.


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Kinda upset over all of this, thought I'd share

Updated 08.07.2020

So I was playing Pearl Defense (PD) and our team had a worm, and I got to orca pretty quickly. So, he keeps telling me to attack, even though it's just me and him and the other team has a couple t9 and 8 defenders. So, instead of attacking, I just roam tge other team'a side, getting kills, waiting for my other teammates to level up and attack.

This makes the worm mad for some reason. He calls me selfish and stupid, and then turn into a lampreys, takes his other troll account and becomes a lamprey and breaks both of our pearls. So for 10 minutes me and this croc retrieve the pearl, and eventually break both the other teams pearls and score the first one. The troll, mad at me for being "selfish" takes our pearl, becomes a ray, and just hogs it, not scoring just sitting there. Somehow we won, I don't even know how.

He comes back the next game, same thing. Calls me more names, breaks our pearls down, and without any other teammates trying to help me, we lose.

Third game? Same thing. More insults, says this is all "my fault", the like, and breaks both pearls down. Again, I cant do double duty trying to stay alive while retrieving both our pearls, and before long, they score both. In the chat after, he says he will continue to do this, make sure I lose every match, and I wouldn't be surprised if he continued to harass me.

So I just left. Just decided I'd share this with you all, and hopefully they remove the lamprey glitch or whatever, it needs to go ASAP.

submitted by /u/bellethebeauty91

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Softshell on land.

Updated 08.07.2020

So as of now,softshell is a joke on land compared to in water.

it deals 80 damage per hit while stuff such as crocodiles who deal 140 damage on land and even lower tiered animals deal more damage per hit than a land softshell.

Id suggest giving softshell 120 damage per hit on land since that seems to be the amount of damage it deals to animals everytime it gets hit in a facetank.

I also think softshell should get to use the yellow charge to both enter and leave its shell.

However softshell has 900 hp and 60% defence so i also suggest changing that to 850 hp 20% defence and 50% armor penetration and while shelled up up make it gain 100% armor for 1 hit (unshells atter getting hit,shelling up now requires 2500 MS) only but make it ungrabable and increase both the knockback and the hp regen on the shelled up form.

These changes dont change its playstyle in water by too much since itll still have too bait boosts and heal alot during a fight and still has too chose when it will be agressive or defensive.

submitted by /u/ReversalOfLuck

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mains and mine

Updated 08.07.2020

my post about this didnt get low relavency :( fure sure cough cough so my main is bull shark whats yours and got any reccomended creatures that i can try to main no stun spam I would like to know becuase i want to change it up and cuz im leaning humpback its kinda easy but hard i kinda want to main a arctic animal not deeeep or swamp cuz of the salty people there this is a (question) to the people here

submitted by /u/RevenueAccomplished4

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PLEASE READ!: About The Baby Penguin glitch.

Updated 08.07.2020

This post is directed to all people who STILL don't know this. The Baby Penguin Glitch is already fixed in the map maker!

Yeah, I fixed that bug a long time ago. All that's left is for Federico to actually update the map. And before ANYONE decides to ask when it will be implemented, I don't know, and no one knows. Luckly, It should be relatively soon. Federico has already started updating the Sushui maps (both EU and AU have the updated maps), so my map should be updated soon.

Hopefully this post will stop the amount of baby penguin posts that have been flooding the subreddit recently. I would also like to thank u/XIzKillinItOhYeah for telling people in every one of these posts that I have already fixed it.

submitted by /u/deeeepMORTY

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It’s broken I’m in a 1v1 and on the home screen. Please fix.

Updated 08.07.2020

It’s broken I’m in a 1v1 and on the home screen. Please fix. submitted by /u/GoodieBag_yum

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Game doesn’t load. I use iPhone 8. How can I fix? I played normally yesterday.

Updated 08.07.2020

Game doesn’t load. I use iPhone 8. How can I fix? I played normally yesterday. submitted by /u/GoodieBag_yum

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