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Rating: 4.5/5 - 691 votes – is an exciting arena survival online game in which you start out as a sea creature trying to stay alive in the ruthless underwater world. Then you evolve into a crab and so on, gradually becoming a more complex organism. There is always plenty of food around but there are also many other people trying to eat it, so you will have to hide and fight in order to achieve great results and make it to the top of the leader boards. Enjoy and share with your friends!

Attention: unblocked update is here.
New modes added: Free for all, team vs team, 1 on 1 and protect the pearl. So choose any mode you like and enjoy the game.

How to play is fairly easy to learn. Use your mouse to control the creature and make it swim by pointing the cursor in the desired direction (alternatively, use joystick or finger depending on your platform). Land is only accessible to certain animals – some can walk, others can hop. To do that simply click the left mouse button or tap on the screen. Boost is available both in the air and in the water by left-clicking or tapping (only works if the special boost gauge is displayed). For some animals like whales and bears and sharks this action is not available – they get their own skills instead.

The layout is different for mobile users. Moving, abilities and chat toggles can be performed as follows: Gameplay Video

On our website you can watch some videos of’s epic gameplay. Strategy

Hints and strategy guides (from deeeep io wiki) for players looking to up their game.

Become the sole master of the marine or share its riches with your team!

Updated by the Deeeep.Monster team


Tips for Specific Species

Piranha.png Piranhas

Frog.png Frog

Fish.png Fish

King Crab.png King Crab

Lamprey.png Lamprey

Jellyfish.png Jellyfish

Flying fish.png Flying fish

Squid.png Squid

Seagull.png Seagull

Ray.png Ray

Bobbit worm Bobbit worm

Beaver.png Beaver

Anglerfish.png Anglerfish

Penguin.png Penguin

Sea Turtle.png Sea Turtle

Do not stay around Top tiers, as you are weak, Wait till you can evolve, and then get closer.

Eat the stuff off beaver dams, and eat the littler things.

Octopus.png Octopus

Hammerhead.png Hammerhead

Oarfish.png Oarfish

Mantis shrimp Mantis shrimp

Shark.png Shark

Stonefish Stonefish

Orca.png Orca

Sunfish.png Sunfish

Cachalot.png Cachalot

Giant Squid/Kraken Giant Squid/Kraken

Bald Eagle.png Bald Eagle

Manta ray Manta Ray

Hippo.png Hippo

Marlin.png Marlin

Gulper eel.png Eels

Crocodile.png Crocodile

Polar Bear.png Polar bears

Sawfish Sawfish

Worm.png Worm






If you wish to stay in the Arctic, then eat the volcanic food. This raises your temperature.


Lion's Mane Jellyfish

Lion's mane jellyfish are weak against three strategies.


is very weak but gives decent XP. squid and up can one shot but squid tier has recoil. Animals

Gradually grow into a big powerful fish. You can eat all the animals except the ones of your own kind.

Every fish has its own traits: for example, Calamari can become invisible, Badgers can’t dive very deep, Sharks cannot eat whales and so on. So do your best to become the strongest animal and consume every other fish, crab and calamari.

See the table (from wiki) for more detailed descriptions of all deeeep io animals.

Updated by the Deeeep.Monster team

Tier 1

All tier one animals are starter animals. They do not evolve from anything.

Animal Evolves To Ability Image
Clown Fish Crab Your movement speed is increased when near other Fish. Fish.png
Blobfish King Crab Other than being a deeeep creature, you are identical to the  fish. Blobfish.png
Icefish King Crab You are the arctic equivalent of the  fish. You can also stay still to get more regeneration.
Worm Lamprey You are able to move through the ground, but you have no boosts. Worm.png
Piranha Two Piranhas


You can grow in numbers with each evolution. Using a dash gives a speed boost. Piranha.png

Tier 2

Animal Evolves To Evolves From Ability Image
Crab Jellyfish


Flying Fish

Giant Isopod

Fish You can walk on land and hide in island bushes. Crab.png
King Crab Blobfish


Reflects a percentage of damage taken back at the attacker King Crab.png
Lamprey Worm


Using a dash into an animal tier five and above attaches to them. You get a portion of all food they collect. Lamprey.png
Two Piranhas Jellyfish


Flying Fish

Giant Isopod

Three Piranhas

Piranha You can grow in numbers with each evolution. Using a dash gives a speed boost. Piranha.png

Tier 3

Animal Evolves To Evolves From Ability Image
Jellyfish Squid

Little Auk




King Crab


Two Piranhas

You poison anyone you touch. Jellyfish.png
Frog You can walk on land, and can jump higher than normal. Frog.png
Flying Fish You can glide above water.
Flying fish.png
Giant Isopod By using a dash, you roll up into a ball. In this state, you are invincible, but cannot move.
Giant Isopod.png
Three Piranhas Squid


Little Auk

Four Piranhas

Two Piranhas You can grow in numbers with each evolution. Using a dash gives a speed boost. Piranha.png

Tier 4

Animal Evolves To Evolves From Ability Image
Squid Seagull






Flying Fish

Giant Isopod

Three Piranhas

Staying still hides you. Squid.png
Catfish Charging a dash will suck in nearby food and prey.
Little Auk You can fly while still being able to swim equally well.
Little auk.png
Four Piranhas Seagull




Five Piranhas

Three Piranhas You can grow in numbers with each evolution. Using a dash gives a speed boost. Piranha.png

Tier 5

Animal Evolves To Evolves From Ability Image
Seagull Ray


Electric Eel




Little Auk

Four Piranhas

You can fly and hide in trees. You poop every so often. Seagull.png
Barreleye You see animals from further away. Barreleye.png
Duck You can fly and hide in beaver dams. Duck.png
Seal You can walk on land. Staying still while standing on ice turns you invisible. Swimming near ground gives you a small speed boost. Seal.png
Five Piranhas Ray


Electric Eel


Six Piranhas

Four Piranhas You can grow in numbers with each evolution. Using a dash gives a speed boost. Piranha.png

Tier 6

Animal Evolves To Evolves From Ability Image
Ray Beaver




Gulper Eel





Five Piranhas

Staying still with your head touching any ground hides you. Ray.png
Pelican You can fly. Using a dash into an animal tier four and below absorbs them. Pelican.png
Electric Eel Using your dash stuns nearby animals and takes animals out of cover.
Electric Eel.png
Pufferfish Using your dash inflates you. While inflated, anything that touches you gets poisoned and knocked back. Pufferfish.png
Six Piranhas Beaver




Gulper Eel

Seven Piranhas

Five Piranhas You can grow in numbers with each evolution. Using a dash gives a speed boost. Piranha.png

Tier 7

Animal Evolves To Evolves From Ability Image
Beaver Sea Turtle


Snapping Turtle


Sea Lion



Electric Eel


Six Piranhas

You can hide in dams. Beaver.png
Anglerfish Staying still turns you invisible and spawns fake food. If anyone eats the fake food, your next hit will be 100% more damage. Anglerfish.png
Penguin You can walk on land, and can hide in igloos. Penguin.png
Snake You can walk on land. You can also climb up and hide in trees. Using a dash into an animal attaches you to them and poisons them. Snake.png
Gulper Eel Using a dash into an animal absorbs them and deals damage over time. Gulper eel.png
Seven Piranhas Sea Turtle


Snapping Turtle


Sea Lion

Eight Piranhas

Six Piranhas You can grow in numbers with each evolution. Using a dash gives a speed boost. Piranha.png

Tier 8

Animal Evolves To Evolves From Ability Image
Sea Turtle Hammerhead Beaver




Gulper Eel

Seven Piranhas

You block 50% of hits except when hit in the head. You are immune to poison. Sea Turtle.png
Octopus Humboldt Squid You mimic the appearance and movement style of anything you kill for a short while. Using your dash leaves ink behind you that can blind other animals. You can walk on land. Octopus.png
Snapping Turtle Manatee Staying still with your head touching any ground turns you invisible and spawns fake food. Snapping Turtle.png
Dragonfish Oarfish Charging a dash will slow down animals in front of you.  
Sea Lion Leopard Seal


Your attack damage is increased when near other Sea Lions.  
Eight Piranhas Manatee

Nine Piranhas

Seven Piranhas You can grow in numbers with each evolution. Using a dash gives a speed boost. Piranha.png

Tiers 9 and 10

The specific way of which animals evolve after tier eight gets complicated. The animals are sorted in these charts based on which animal you have to evolve to on tier eight to get there.

Sea Turtle's Evolutions

To evolve into any of these animals, you must pick the  Sea Turtle when you get the chance.

Animal Evolves To Evolves From Ability Image
Hammerhead Shark

Whale Shark

Sea Turtle You can smell blood. Blood icons lead to hurt animals. Hammerhead.png
Shark Top Tier Hammerhead Using a dash gives you a 100% speed boost and a 50% damage boost. You can track bleeding players. Shark.png
Whale Shark You have  Remoras to protect you. Hold your dash to order them to attack the nearest animal. Whale Shark.png

Octopus's Evolutions

To evolve into any of these animals, you must pick the  Octopus when you get the chance.

Snapping Turtle's Evolutions

To evolve into any of these animals, you must pick the  Snapping Turtle or the eight tier of  Piranhas when you get the chance.

The tier nine animal you must choose to get your desired top tier depends, but it is definitely on this table.

Animal Evolves To Evolves From Ability Image
Manatee Bald   Eagle




Snapping Turtle

Eight Piranhas

Using your boost heals 50% of your health. You heal nearby swamp animals. Manatee.png
Nine Piranhas Ten Piranhas Eight Piranhas You can grow in numbers with each evolution. Using a dash gives a speed boost. Piranha.png
Bald Eagle Top Tier Manatee You can fly. Using a dash into an animal grabs them and deals damage over time. You see animals that are above water from further away. Bald Eagle.png
Crocodile Using a dash into an animal grabs them. You can shake them for extra damage. You can walk on land. Staying still on top of the water will transform you into a beaver dam.
Hippo Using a dash gives you a speed boost and slows animals you make contact with. You can walk on land. Hippo.png
Anaconda You can climb and hide in trees, just like a snake. Instead of striking out and poisoning your enemies, you can wrap around them and slowly suffocate them.  
Ten Piranhas Nine Piranhas You can grow in numbers with each evolution. Using a dash gives a speed boost. Piranha.png

Tiers 9 and 10 - Dragonfish's Evolutions

To evolve into any of these animals, you must pick the  Dragonfish when you get the chance.

Animal Evolves To Evolves From Ability Image
Oarfish Manta Ray


Goblin Shark

Dragonfish You can't harm animals tier five and below except for  Jellyfish. You heal nearby animals that you can't harm. You are immune to poison. Oarfish.png
Manta Ray Top Tier Oarfish Can join up to four animals. A full charge boost replicates them.  
Sunfish Your attack has no recoil. You regenerate faster when closer to the surface. Sunfish.png
Goblin Shark Using your dash will give you a speed boost and poison fangs at your head. Clicking with poison fangs will launch them.  

Tiers 9 and 10 - Sea Lion's Evolutions

To evolve into any of these animals, you must pick the  Sea Lion when you get the chance.

The tier nine animal you must choose to get your desired top tier depends, but it is defiantly on this table.

Animal Evolves To Evolves From Ability Image
Leopard Seal Polar Bear

Elephant Seal

Sleeper Shark

Sea Lion You can walk on land. A deadlier, faster version of the penguin. Leopard Seal.png
Narwhal Cachalot



You cause anything you touch to bleed. Narwhal.png
Dolphin Marlin


You can jump out of the water and back in for a speed boost that can stack up to three times. Dolphin.png
Polar Bear Top Tier Leopard Seal Using your dash throws snowballs that can slow animals down. You can travel through ice. Polar Bear.png
Elephant Seal Your attack damage increases after being damaged. If you are poisoned or are bleeding, you inflict those upon hit.  
Sleeper Shark By boosting into someone you can hold onto them. Shake from side to side to hurt them.  
Cachalot Narwhal Using your dash emits a blast and slows anything it hits. Cachalot.png
Whale Using your dash can suck in animals. Tier 5 and below will become trapped until you take a breath, and above will get hurt. Whale.png
Marlin Narwhal


You can move exceptionally fast, and boosting will cause enemies to bleed. Marlin.png
Orca Dolphin Using a dash into an animal grabs them. Orca.png Evolution Tree

Evolution is a process that happens when an animal gets a certain amount of experience by consuming food.

This is the full evolutionary tree. It includes all the stages of evolution that affect the level 10 animal you want to upgrade.

Click image to view full size evolution tree!

Deeeep io Evolution Tree

Hacks and Cheats Codes

Deeeep io Hacks and Cheats Codes

Due to extreme server load (some haters orchestrated a ddos attack on us because of the hack of we have temporarily stopped giving out the hacks publicly.

Stay tuned for updates on or website - we will re-open access to that part of the site in the coming days.

Access will be only restored for a short time so don't miss out on the giveaway!

Make sure to share the link on your socials and bookmark our site not to miss the chance of discovering exclusive hacks from our team!!!

Last updated: 2020-02-08

The next distribution of hacks through:


Add to bookmarks official reddit

Open BETA is now live for everyone!

Updated 05.02.2020

  1. You can still play the old version at
  2. In BETA, you can't earn coins (in case of unknown exploits)
  3. Leave feedback and bug reports about the BETA in r/deeeepiobeta

Enjoy the update!

submitted by /u/sirDangel

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02-07 Update Report

Updated 07.02.2020

Hi, at the moment I'm working in adapting the gamemodes to the beta. While I work on this, Beta servers won't be updated so the bugs you've reported will stay until I finish with this (which is not serious as they are not game breakers).

Be sure to continue testing and reporting bugs / suggesting changes. As soon as I finish with the gamemodes, I'll working on changing what needs to be changed.

Thanks for everyone's support!

submitted by /u/deeeepio

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The Frogfish Federation

Updated 11.02.2020

The Frogfish Federation submitted by /u/TheSurvivor_

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How to Prevent Torpedo Teaming

Updated 11.02.2020

A lot of you guys are posting crusade memes, which are fine, unless the crusaders in question are top tiers. It's more funny to kill someone with horseshoe crabs than by 10 torpedo rays executing them.

Now, I can't admit to knowing the answer to all teaming. BUT, I have an idea to defeat torpedo teamings that is also actually realistic (pertinent to game).

It's simple science, electric charges of the same charge repel. The Torpedo aura is clearly electricity, let's assume it's positive. If it comes in contact with another aura, they will repel.

Therefore, a pair of crusading torpedo rays can only come as near to each other as the auras do not overlap. This will cause multi torpedo attacks to become useless, because once the victim is in the aura, no other ray can reach it, so it won't countinously become electrocuted.

Yes, this means rays cant kill each other. But I'm willing to sacrifice that in exchange for a peaceful beta. Teaming will become completely nonviable for large groups, which is where the danger lies.

Any ideas for other animals??

submitted by /u/whoatherebuddycoolit

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Personal tier list. My username is NoNoPire. I have been playing for about 3 years.

Updated 11.02.2020

Personal tier list. My username is NoNoPire. I have been playing for about 3 years. submitted by /u/Asleep-Purple

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Guess I'll die

Updated 10.02.2020

Guess I'll die submitted by /u/Emeglebon

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Horseshoe gang raise up !

Updated 10.02.2020

Horseshoe gang raise up ! submitted by /u/Emeglebon

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Me and the boys during the crusade be like :

Updated 10.02.2020

Me and the boys during the crusade be like : submitted by /u/Emeglebon

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Just another idea for Anaconda

Updated 11.02.2020

I think its an underrated topic in our community. Ppl like to play with strong animals and its not a problem at all. But the game offers not just strong but fun to play animals too, like anaconda. There are already some buff or rework ideas but i hardly think they would be a real thing. So my idea is not to buff anything, but give it's grab a kind of minigame. Before i say more about it, both the anaconda and it's prey should be unable to being hit by any outside attacks. So the same remains, shake to get free, but its not just an insane mouse throwing. There would be some combinations. Lets split up a 360degree turning into 4 parts(90). To get free from the anaconda's grab, u have to turn with the right combinations. This way the anaconda can deal a decent amount of dmg to the prey's oxygen bar. To make it even newbie-friendly, a message should appear to follow the right combo to get free. Before ppl start to yell "it would be too op" or something similar, i suggest giving more time to charge the boost, so it wouldnt be an abused ability. (I noticed that i can charge my boost while grabbing the prey, it must be fixed to make this idea work.) Also, the numbers of combinations should be in connection with tier levels. For example:Birds have less oxygen bar, they should do at least 4 turnings to get free but other tier 10s should do like 8-9, u know what i mean. Since humpback got another song, and is likely the most complex to play animal(i consider it's songs as a minigame-based attacks btw) , anaconda's grab could be remade like that. The only stat changing would be a longer time to charge the grab like AST, or i would give a third boost bar to the anaconda for possible chasing.

I encourage all of u to comment ur opinions or suggestions. The main goal is that anaconda should hold it's grab for a decent amount of time or deal a fair dmg to the prey's oxygen bar cuz right now it's not nearly enough. :D

submitted by /u/ZolajBM

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Google Login is broken Fed pls fix

Updated 10.02.2020

Google login almost never works for some reason

submitted by /u/OfficialDracovish

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AST needs the sinking effect too

Updated 10.02.2020

I mean, I'm pretty sure it was going to get it anyways seeing as that's what was intended with it's charge boost. Coco crab sinks, has oxygen, and is slow overall so it relies on its charged boost to sink people. The AST should have this too, but with a much shorter duration because it already causes bleeding (over 4 seconds of sinking AND bleeding would be too powerful, just .7-.8 seconds of sinking would work). This would make at a bit better at ambushing higher tier animals because once they get above you, you have no chance of bringing them back down.

This post was made on mobile sorry for no flair :v

submitted by /u/OfficialDracovish

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Results from the public tier list I did a few weeks ago.

Updated 10.02.2020


A few days ago, I made this poll and asked people to participate. The poll has enough of a sample size(50 people, though only up to 45 actually voted at all) that I think we can analyze it.

Credit to u/THE_Lexl for this spreadsheet and also this spreadsheet

And some tier lists(one doesnt have an F tier so ye) all sorted by different things. Not in any paticular order as there is no way croc is better then orca


Looking at the results, here is what the community thinks about each animal. These do not reflect my actual opinions.

Shark:A tier. Most people thought it was S, A, or B. 10 thought it was S or B and 20 thought it was A. I suppose this makes sense because, well, it can deal 270 damage with a single boost and has decent HP too.

Whale Shark:The spreadsheet says D but I'm not entirely sure how means was calculated as it appears the majority voted C. Makes sense either way - its great at headtanks and 1v1 but it can't deal with teams or catch prey. Its also interesting how moderate the responses are. Its the only animal to get no votes in S AND no votes in F

Orca:Got into S tier, though plenty of people thought it was A. Interesting that even after the nerf, people still think its the meta, possibly because of its versatile grappling ability.

Whale:Most people thought it was B, which is fair considering its a tank and cant deal with teams but it also teams well and doesnt suffer from the "impossible to catch prey" problems most tanks do thanks to whalepoolers.

Marlin:A tier, with some also saying S and B. I suppose its a very good skirmisher, able to inflict bleed and move at Mach 3 with its breach ability, but it's limited by low HP and damage.

Stonefish:C tier. Very controversial. Stonefish can get away really easily, but it can't actually kill much due to bad stats.

Sunfish:F tier. Like, it can't catch prey, and while it can headtank anything without AP, anything with AP other then stonefish maybe can easily kill it, especially if it strays from the surface. A couple people thought it was viable, but it just isn't.

Tiger Shark:B tier. People underestimate tiger shark's mid tier killing abilities, with decent stats and stealth, though it did get indirectly nerfed with its main prey(sea turtles) getting buffed and beaver dens being removed.

Cachalot:D tier. It can headtank and go into lots of biomes, but thats about it. It can't catch prey, its island hopping got nerfed, and its outclassed by whale and whaleshark. Controversial, oddly, maybe the whale-cachers disagree.

GSquid:Almost everyone agreed it was at least A tier, and it clocked in at S. It's only competition is the sleeper and while it has a high skill cap, it can drag people to the deep so quickly they wont know what happened.

Sleeper:Sleeper is A, probably because it gets both grapple and stun, two of the most abusable abilities in deep. Lots of people thought it was either S or B, so it averages out

Goblin Shark:Poor goblin shark got F tier. Nobody thought it was S tier. The only other animals to have this curse are sawfish, whale shark, and walrus. Plenty of people thought it was C and D too.

Polar Bear:Very controversial B tier. It has a good ability with both stun and bleed in a projectile, but cant deal with teams and cant boost

EleSeal:B tier. This is quite honestly the most basic animal out there, with two passive abilities, one of which is situational and the other just increases damage when you lose HP.

Walrus:F tier. It just gets bullied by grapplers and its ability is easily dodgeable. Needs a buff.

Humpback:B tier. High skill cap and hard to understand but it has stun and healing so y'know.

Crocodile:I was surprised to see that it was S tier. It can do massive damage with its grab, even though it has 2 boosts, and it has armor AND armor pen

Hippo:People were polarized between B and D, so it got C. I suppose its good in 1v1 and in enclosed spaces but its useless in an FFA enviroment.

Anaconda:Got a D, probably because its ability only works on noobs, though plenty ranked it higher.

AST:A tier. It can basically delete people with a fully charged boost and has armor, AP, and damage reflection, but its the slowest animal in the game

Softshell:C, its basically a better sunfish with the ability to recover boosts in its shell and it's also generally more mobile

Gar:A+, as it was nearly unanimus that its at least A tier, some saying S. It has 10 more damage with its boost then shark and has armor and AP.

Sawfish:It got a C, which i highly doubt is accurate considering its ability isnt all that useful and it has bad stats but I'm trying to stay unbiased here.

Basking Shark:B tier. It's ability is only really useful against pirahnas and idiot teams but its an ungrabbable tank with armor and boosts, so yeah I'd say its alright.

Thresher:With the 2nd most IDK votes(the first being manta ray) its clear people dont understand this animal well. Lexl thinks its because its an unappealing animal. Anyway, it got a D.

Torpedo:The most votes on any one tier on any one animal, 31 people believed torpedo was S tier, therefore its ranked S. I mean, just look at this. Slow aura, stun, and burrow? Ridiculous.

CSquid:Not many votes on this, as plenty of people dont understand it. It ended up getting a B. I dont understand it much myself, so I'll just take people's word for it.

Coco Crab:Most people thought it S or A, so it averaged out at S. It has the monopoly on land combat and they often gather in massive teams.

Moray Eel:A solid animal, with medicore facetanking stats and a wonky grappling ability but a speed boost and the ability to inflict bleed with a boost. Majority thought A.

Manta Ray:8 people didnt know, so its obviously a confusing animal. There are so many combos its hard to know how good manta is. In the end, it got a C.

Leatherback:Nearly everyone thought A, so yeah A. Hard to kill and hard to die to, the leatherback makes a decent tank


"yeah, you should totally note how extreme this communities opinions are, all animals without exceptions either have 0-3, 5 or >9 F Tier votes" -Lexl

To follow up on that, it seems to me that there might be some bias about. Most animals had at least 1 person say S and 1 say F. Lets take a look at the animals that nobody thought was OP or garbage/

Animals nobody said S for:Walrus, goblin, thresher, whale shark

Animals nobody said F for:Torpedo, coco crab, alligar, gw shark, leatherback, basking shark, whale shark

All of this is of February 10, 2020.

I had to sift through 33 animals worth of data, so I almost certainly missed out on a lot of cool observations. Put your observations in the comments and I'll edit them in

submitted by /u/WeepingWillow777

Read comments logic b like:

Updated 10.02.2020 logic b like: submitted by /u/hellotheredontmindme

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I can’t login

Updated 10.02.2020

I have tried on multiple devices to login with google and none of them are actually logging in. I forgot my deeeep password and there is no way to make a new one. Help

submitted by /u/Nemocar

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Feel the wrath of coco crab

Updated 10.02.2020

Feel the wrath of coco crab submitted by /u/Frail6334

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suggesting some renames

Updated 10.02.2020

suggesting some renames

Shark - Great White Shark

Whale (with no skin) - Fin whale (and no its not a grey whale because only balaenopterid rorquals have that many throat grooves)

Crab - red rock crab, christmas island red crab, or something else pretty common that's red

Squid - armhook squid or something else that's pink

octo- if fed meant the red skin to be it changing its skin pigment, this would be the orange octopus. if he meant it as another species, this would be a smoothskin octopus.

Seal - baby harp seal (would be good and make sense if there's adult harp seal in game)

Frog - green tree frog (again, would be nice to add tier 1 tadpoles or npc if they're realistically too weak compared to other tier 1s

snake - coral snake, the current default skin is very unrealistic, if fed wants to keep the original colors add a LITTLE bit of yellow between red and black and remove those spots on the sides. also probably make the black parts a little thicker so it's like a coral snake where the black and red are similar length. or this could be reskinned.

marlin - striped marlin

red octopus - east pacific red octopus (not necessary, though)

crocodile - nothing unless there's another crocodile specimen added

penguin is kinda awkward - it could be a king penguin, since theres no penguin that has those exact colors in other than adele, which is a skin. it could get a reskin as a king penguin or something else

baby penguin - this is specifically what a baby emperor penguin looks like, so i think it should be called baby emperor penguin. also, i think it should get adele baby, which has a dark brown chest and white feathers below, also with black and white face, king baby (if reskin makes it one) which is straight up brown, and gentoo baby which is like the current unspecified penguin but with a yellow beak marking. those penguins can do 2 things, 1: follow any penguin anyway, even though the specimen is different, as an effort to find comfort or 2: mind their own business unless the baby is the same specimen as the nearby penguin. all baby penguins would be safe from all types of penguins, as irl penguins wouldnt eat other penguin babies.

piranha - red-bellied piranha

worm - this is kind of a weird one, i was wanting to do Earthworm until the skin came out. i really have nothing good for this one, unless earthworm skin gets renamed, which, in that case, the regular worm would be an earthworm and the skin could be a potworm

bobbit worm - white bobbit worm

jellyfish - pink jellyfish

ray - the skin is really unrealistic, i cant find anything good enough

bat - fruit bat, little brown bat, something like that

seagull - common seagull

lanternfish - the current reskin fits the dwarf lantern shark more, if not, then use this reskin by dangel because it looks similar to real lanternfish because of the lights on the side

olm - the only species other than the black olm is called The Olm so yeah keep it olm

same goes for axolotl

icefish - this has a history, Fiiiish wanted this as a reskin as both the crocodile icefish and the mackerel icefish have stripes, and the dark icefish has stripes similar to those. original icefish skin should be not used anymore and should have dark icefish as the reskin of the pale blue one in game. (as fiiiish wanted). there could be a skin for mackerel icefish though, with thinner, more frequent stripes and larger pectoral fins.

crayfish - rusty crayfish

anglerfish - black anglerfish, black seadevil, black seadevil anglerfish, seadevil anglerfish, whatever fed things is easy to understand that it's an anglerfish (and yes the footballfish is an anglerfish subspecies which is why i think default should be specified

dragonfish - black dragonfish

oarfish - streamer fish is just another name with and the appearance of an oarfish out of water but i think this should stay kinda

frilled shark is just frilled shark according to research

stonefish- kinda weird, skin very unrealistic (maybe needs a reskin)

armored snapper - doesn't exist, should be reskinned to apalachicola snapping turtle and renamed

anaconda - green anaconda, could also add a yellow anaconda or dark spotted anaconda skin

sawfish - largetooth sawfish, maybe smalltooth sawfish skin would be good

sunfish - weird because the default skin IS an ocean sunfish, there's only one type. since they appear in different colors seemingly, maybe blue sunfish and grey sunfish? idk

orangetip gar- doesnt exist, maybe with something that really exists like black gar, orange gar (the whole body is orange) etc

mantis shrimp - peacock mantis shrimp

also dolphin reskin pls, greyer, and i think it has great potential for skins, just if ur gonna do it name the default dolphin a bottlenose

dolphin current skin could be head-modified for a beluga

guys i really tried on this, search up the suggested animals and you'll see that they all look very similar to the skins. if you have suggestions let me know : )

edit: i also found out deeeep got pretty popular while doing some research.

submitted by /u/XIzKillinItOhYeah

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Kinda late for manta eel but whatever.

Updated 09.02.2020

Kinda late for manta eel but whatever. submitted by /u/MemeSnorfer

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Updated 09.02.2020

HOLY CRUSADE submitted by /u/LionFeeesh

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please fix this

Updated 09.02.2020

please fix this submitted by /u/adumbrandomhuman

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The Holy Horseshoe Crusade has begun... (link to discord server in the comments)

Updated 09.02.2020

The Holy Horseshoe Crusade has begun... (link to discord server in the comments) submitted by /u/Emeglebon

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I am fighting against... Me?

Updated 09.02.2020

I am fighting against... Me? submitted by /u/Delta_interface

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Updated 10.02.2020


A Sad Cach

I'm a biased and proud Cachalot player and I want, as they call it "Island Hopping" to be brought back into the game. (If you don't want to read all this, please just skip to the last paragraph)

Hear me out. With this new beta and an interesting new map and new animals a new combat system was introduced. Now walking animals can click to attack to their side and the other animals can no longer click to quickly get to safety when they are beached. Now the lower animals that people will go through for 2 seconds (and a few top tiers) can have an easier life. Done problem solved. But there are a lot more non-walking tier 10's that only gain more issues. One of the more greatly affected animals is Cachalot.

Cachalot is a slow tank of an animal that cannot dash, as a Cachalot if you don't have protection from teammates, quicker animals can isolate you and kill you. Even lower tier animals like dolphin, Hammerhead Shark and Narwhal can kill you with ease. But Cachalot has a few escape routes. The first is the deep where Cach is slow and can't really get kills, but usually won't be killed either. The second is the arctic where Ocean animals cannot go and the third is islands and ice burgs. Wait! Not anymore.

Cach was already a slow kind of useless animal not very good at getting kills. Why go Cachalot when you can go Whale right? It's supposed main prey (Giant Squid) can easily just run away. And now with the removal of "Island Hopping" Cach's only unique technical ability is gone. Sure it may have been broken and unrealistic in the sense that a massive 50 tonne whale is flying across the screen and a lot of people's goal is for deeeep to be as real as possible. But shouldn't game mechanics be more important than realism? Now that beached animals can barely move at all, they pretty much instantly die of either oxygen, or walking animals such as coco crabs. I'm not proposing that "Island Hopping" is back to the way it was before, i agree that it wasn't good for the game but neither is this. perhaps we could meet somewhere in the middle. Perhaps is could be so that beached animals like Cachalot can still move on land but not as fast as before and not as slow as it currently is in the beta. Because believe me, getting off an island takes a lot of patience and a lot of spam clicking and is something that is better off fixed. Another stretch is that since ice is "slippery" the movement could be faster there than it would be on regular terrain if that's possible. Back in 2017, before the map change and new animals and skins came into the game. Cachalot had an 18% speed buff when swimming in the deep. Maybe something similar could be implemented onto Cachalot making it more of a deep creature than an ocean one and making it more useful.

To sum this all up, I think "Island Hopping" should be brought back into the game because if it doesn't the grandpa of deeeep (Cachalot) will die. I understand that the chances are very high that none of this happens but at least try to understand that we already have a couple dead animals that are useless and not one plays. I just don't want another great animal going down that road.

submitted by /u/tHeNoTOrIOuSpRIcKBIC

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A lot of people want Nurse Shark as the T9 tropical shark evo

Updated 09.02.2020

As the title says, a lot of people seem to think that a nurse shark would make a good addition as the T9 for tropical sharks, bumping wobbegong up to Tier 10 again while not messing up the rest of the tree. But is this feasible? Sure, the update is still in beta, but I doubt Fed will make another animal. If anyone has good ideas for the Nurse Shark's stats, please share them! I personally can see the Nurse Shark as a glass-cannon that can camo itself by standing still near the ground, similar to the Tiger shark and Wobbegong shark. Why Nurse Shark though? Well as mentioned, not only is it a tropical shark so it fits in well with it's evos, but it also practices stealth and ambushing to catch prey, which is what all the tropical shark evos do (except whale shark, what a bum). Do you think Fed would approve of this? If not, do you have any other animals that you feel should replace it?

submitted by /u/OfficialDracovish

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How to use climbing cavefish

Updated 10.02.2020

You charge a boost (this doesn't waste a boost of yours) and boost into a ceiling. boom

submitted by /u/_cs_Sharkie

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Beta Screen Goes Grey

Updated 09.02.2020

Beta Screen Goes Grey

Beta goes grey when I am not on the site for a short amount of time.

I died and i went to check discord, and when i came back to beta 10 seconds later, the screen went grey.

submitted by /u/Homo_Summus

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B(unny) hopping on islands as horseshoe crab

Updated 09.02.2020

I have no idea if this was intended. As from watching a horseshoe crab, i have concluded that it can gain some distance from holding the boost button on land. Steps on how to b hop. 1. Be horseshoe craB 2. Get to a position where there is plenty o' land to continuously jump. 3. Hold your boost button and move foward. I have no idea if this works with other land animals.

submitted by /u/xX_epic_noscopeX

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I figured out a way to log in in

Updated 09.02.2020

So as many people have been saying, Google, Twitter, And the other login options aren't working. I, however, found a way to login. So I went into sign into with and entered the email I use in my google and BOOM! I have my skins.

submitted by /u/My-name-is-Greg

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