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Rating: 4.5/5 - 690 votes – is an exciting arena survival online game in which you start out as a sea creature trying to stay alive in the ruthless underwater world. Then you evolve into a crab and so on, gradually becoming a more complex organism. There is always plenty of food around but there are also many other people trying to eat it, so you will have to hide and fight in order to achieve great results and make it to the top of the leader boards. Enjoy and share with your friends!

Attention: unblocked update is here.
New modes added: Free for all, team vs team, 1 on 1 and protect the pearl. So choose any mode you like and enjoy the game.

How to play is fairly easy to learn. Use your mouse to control the creature and make it swim by pointing the cursor in the desired direction (alternatively, use joystick or finger depending on your platform). Land is only accessible to certain animals – some can walk, others can hop. To do that simply click the left mouse button or tap on the screen. Boost is available both in the air and in the water by left-clicking or tapping (only works if the special boost gauge is displayed). For some animals like whales and bears and sharks this action is not available – they get their own skills instead.

The layout is different for mobile users. Moving, abilities and chat toggles can be performed as follows: Gameplay Video

On our website you can watch some videos of’s epic gameplay. Strategy

Hints and strategy guides (from deeeep io wiki) for players looking to up their game.

Become the sole master of the marine or share its riches with your team!

Updated by the Deeeep.Monster team


Tips for Specific Species

Piranha.png Piranhas

Frog.png Frog

Fish.png Fish

King Crab.png King Crab

Lamprey.png Lamprey

Jellyfish.png Jellyfish

Flying fish.png Flying fish

Squid.png Squid

Seagull.png Seagull

Ray.png Ray

Bobbit worm Bobbit worm

Beaver.png Beaver

Anglerfish.png Anglerfish

Penguin.png Penguin

Sea Turtle.png Sea Turtle

Do not stay around Top tiers, as you are weak, Wait till you can evolve, and then get closer.

Eat the stuff off beaver dams, and eat the littler things.

Octopus.png Octopus

Hammerhead.png Hammerhead

Oarfish.png Oarfish

Mantis shrimp Mantis shrimp

Shark.png Shark

Stonefish Stonefish

Orca.png Orca

Sunfish.png Sunfish

Cachalot.png Cachalot

Giant Squid/Kraken Giant Squid/Kraken

Bald Eagle.png Bald Eagle

Manta ray Manta Ray

Hippo.png Hippo

Marlin.png Marlin

Gulper eel.png Eels

Crocodile.png Crocodile

Polar Bear.png Polar bears

Sawfish Sawfish

Worm.png Worm






If you wish to stay in the Arctic, then eat the volcanic food. This raises your temperature.


Lion's Mane Jellyfish

Lion's mane jellyfish are weak against three strategies.


is very weak but gives decent XP. squid and up can one shot but squid tier has recoil. Animals

Gradually grow into a big powerful fish. You can eat all the animals except the ones of your own kind.

Every fish has its own traits: for example, Calamari can become invisible, Badgers can’t dive very deep, Sharks cannot eat whales and so on. So do your best to become the strongest animal and consume every other fish, crab and calamari.

See the table (from wiki) for more detailed descriptions of all deeeep io animals.

Updated by the Deeeep.Monster team

Tier 1

All tier one animals are starter animals. They do not evolve from anything.

Animal Evolves To Ability Image
Clown Fish Crab Your movement speed is increased when near other Fish. Fish.png
Blobfish King Crab Other than being a deeeep creature, you are identical to the  fish. Blobfish.png
Icefish King Crab You are the arctic equivalent of the  fish. You can also stay still to get more regeneration.
Worm Lamprey You are able to move through the ground, but you have no boosts. Worm.png
Piranha Two Piranhas


You can grow in numbers with each evolution. Using a dash gives a speed boost. Piranha.png

Tier 2

Animal Evolves To Evolves From Ability Image
Crab Jellyfish


Flying Fish

Giant Isopod

Fish You can walk on land and hide in island bushes. Crab.png
King Crab Blobfish


Reflects a percentage of damage taken back at the attacker King Crab.png
Lamprey Worm


Using a dash into an animal tier five and above attaches to them. You get a portion of all food they collect. Lamprey.png
Two Piranhas Jellyfish


Flying Fish

Giant Isopod

Three Piranhas

Piranha You can grow in numbers with each evolution. Using a dash gives a speed boost. Piranha.png

Tier 3

Animal Evolves To Evolves From Ability Image
Jellyfish Squid

Little Auk




King Crab


Two Piranhas

You poison anyone you touch. Jellyfish.png
Frog You can walk on land, and can jump higher than normal. Frog.png
Flying Fish You can glide above water.
Flying fish.png
Giant Isopod By using a dash, you roll up into a ball. In this state, you are invincible, but cannot move.
Giant Isopod.png
Three Piranhas Squid


Little Auk

Four Piranhas

Two Piranhas You can grow in numbers with each evolution. Using a dash gives a speed boost. Piranha.png

Tier 4

Animal Evolves To Evolves From Ability Image
Squid Seagull






Flying Fish

Giant Isopod

Three Piranhas

Staying still hides you. Squid.png
Catfish Charging a dash will suck in nearby food and prey.
Little Auk You can fly while still being able to swim equally well.
Little auk.png
Four Piranhas Seagull




Five Piranhas

Three Piranhas You can grow in numbers with each evolution. Using a dash gives a speed boost. Piranha.png

Tier 5

Animal Evolves To Evolves From Ability Image
Seagull Ray


Electric Eel




Little Auk

Four Piranhas

You can fly and hide in trees. You poop every so often. Seagull.png
Barreleye You see animals from further away. Barreleye.png
Duck You can fly and hide in beaver dams. Duck.png
Seal You can walk on land. Staying still while standing on ice turns you invisible. Swimming near ground gives you a small speed boost. Seal.png
Five Piranhas Ray


Electric Eel


Six Piranhas

Four Piranhas You can grow in numbers with each evolution. Using a dash gives a speed boost. Piranha.png

Tier 6

Animal Evolves To Evolves From Ability Image
Ray Beaver




Gulper Eel





Five Piranhas

Staying still with your head touching any ground hides you. Ray.png
Pelican You can fly. Using a dash into an animal tier four and below absorbs them. Pelican.png
Electric Eel Using your dash stuns nearby animals and takes animals out of cover.
Electric Eel.png
Pufferfish Using your dash inflates you. While inflated, anything that touches you gets poisoned and knocked back. Pufferfish.png
Six Piranhas Beaver




Gulper Eel

Seven Piranhas

Five Piranhas You can grow in numbers with each evolution. Using a dash gives a speed boost. Piranha.png

Tier 7

Animal Evolves To Evolves From Ability Image
Beaver Sea Turtle


Snapping Turtle


Sea Lion



Electric Eel


Six Piranhas

You can hide in dams. Beaver.png
Anglerfish Staying still turns you invisible and spawns fake food. If anyone eats the fake food, your next hit will be 100% more damage. Anglerfish.png
Penguin You can walk on land, and can hide in igloos. Penguin.png
Snake You can walk on land. You can also climb up and hide in trees. Using a dash into an animal attaches you to them and poisons them. Snake.png
Gulper Eel Using a dash into an animal absorbs them and deals damage over time. Gulper eel.png
Seven Piranhas Sea Turtle


Snapping Turtle


Sea Lion

Eight Piranhas

Six Piranhas You can grow in numbers with each evolution. Using a dash gives a speed boost. Piranha.png

Tier 8

Animal Evolves To Evolves From Ability Image
Sea Turtle Hammerhead Beaver




Gulper Eel

Seven Piranhas

You block 50% of hits except when hit in the head. You are immune to poison. Sea Turtle.png
Octopus Humboldt Squid You mimic the appearance and movement style of anything you kill for a short while. Using your dash leaves ink behind you that can blind other animals. You can walk on land. Octopus.png
Snapping Turtle Manatee Staying still with your head touching any ground turns you invisible and spawns fake food. Snapping Turtle.png
Dragonfish Oarfish Charging a dash will slow down animals in front of you.  
Sea Lion Leopard Seal


Your attack damage is increased when near other Sea Lions.  
Eight Piranhas Manatee

Nine Piranhas

Seven Piranhas You can grow in numbers with each evolution. Using a dash gives a speed boost. Piranha.png

Tiers 9 and 10

The specific way of which animals evolve after tier eight gets complicated. The animals are sorted in these charts based on which animal you have to evolve to on tier eight to get there.

Sea Turtle's Evolutions

To evolve into any of these animals, you must pick the  Sea Turtle when you get the chance.

Animal Evolves To Evolves From Ability Image
Hammerhead Shark

Whale Shark

Sea Turtle You can smell blood. Blood icons lead to hurt animals. Hammerhead.png
Shark Top Tier Hammerhead Using a dash gives you a 100% speed boost and a 50% damage boost. You can track bleeding players. Shark.png
Whale Shark You have  Remoras to protect you. Hold your dash to order them to attack the nearest animal. Whale Shark.png

Octopus's Evolutions

To evolve into any of these animals, you must pick the  Octopus when you get the chance.

Snapping Turtle's Evolutions

To evolve into any of these animals, you must pick the  Snapping Turtle or the eight tier of  Piranhas when you get the chance.

The tier nine animal you must choose to get your desired top tier depends, but it is definitely on this table.

Animal Evolves To Evolves From Ability Image
Manatee Bald   Eagle




Snapping Turtle

Eight Piranhas

Using your boost heals 50% of your health. You heal nearby swamp animals. Manatee.png
Nine Piranhas Ten Piranhas Eight Piranhas You can grow in numbers with each evolution. Using a dash gives a speed boost. Piranha.png
Bald Eagle Top Tier Manatee You can fly. Using a dash into an animal grabs them and deals damage over time. You see animals that are above water from further away. Bald Eagle.png
Crocodile Using a dash into an animal grabs them. You can shake them for extra damage. You can walk on land. Staying still on top of the water will transform you into a beaver dam.
Hippo Using a dash gives you a speed boost and slows animals you make contact with. You can walk on land. Hippo.png
Anaconda You can climb and hide in trees, just like a snake. Instead of striking out and poisoning your enemies, you can wrap around them and slowly suffocate them.  
Ten Piranhas Nine Piranhas You can grow in numbers with each evolution. Using a dash gives a speed boost. Piranha.png

Tiers 9 and 10 - Dragonfish's Evolutions

To evolve into any of these animals, you must pick the  Dragonfish when you get the chance.

Animal Evolves To Evolves From Ability Image
Oarfish Manta Ray


Goblin Shark

Dragonfish You can't harm animals tier five and below except for  Jellyfish. You heal nearby animals that you can't harm. You are immune to poison. Oarfish.png
Manta Ray Top Tier Oarfish Can join up to four animals. A full charge boost replicates them.  
Sunfish Your attack has no recoil. You regenerate faster when closer to the surface. Sunfish.png
Goblin Shark Using your dash will give you a speed boost and poison fangs at your head. Clicking with poison fangs will launch them.  

Tiers 9 and 10 - Sea Lion's Evolutions

To evolve into any of these animals, you must pick the  Sea Lion when you get the chance.

The tier nine animal you must choose to get your desired top tier depends, but it is defiantly on this table.

Animal Evolves To Evolves From Ability Image
Leopard Seal Polar Bear

Elephant Seal

Sleeper Shark

Sea Lion You can walk on land. A deadlier, faster version of the penguin. Leopard Seal.png
Narwhal Cachalot



You cause anything you touch to bleed. Narwhal.png
Dolphin Marlin


You can jump out of the water and back in for a speed boost that can stack up to three times. Dolphin.png
Polar Bear Top Tier Leopard Seal Using your dash throws snowballs that can slow animals down. You can travel through ice. Polar Bear.png
Elephant Seal Your attack damage increases after being damaged. If you are poisoned or are bleeding, you inflict those upon hit.  
Sleeper Shark By boosting into someone you can hold onto them. Shake from side to side to hurt them.  
Cachalot Narwhal Using your dash emits a blast and slows anything it hits. Cachalot.png
Whale Using your dash can suck in animals. Tier 5 and below will become trapped until you take a breath, and above will get hurt. Whale.png
Marlin Narwhal


You can move exceptionally fast, and boosting will cause enemies to bleed. Marlin.png
Orca Dolphin Using a dash into an animal grabs them. Orca.png Evolution Tree

Evolution is a process that happens when an animal gets a certain amount of experience by consuming food.

This is the full evolutionary tree. It includes all the stages of evolution that affect the level 10 animal you want to upgrade.

Click image to view full size evolution tree!

Deeeep io Evolution Tree

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Deeeep io Hacks and Cheats Codes

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Update report, User API fix, Update Teasers and Monthly Tournament feedback

Updated 09.11.2019

Hi! Some time has passed before last report, I'd like to comment on the status of the update and address a few other things:

  1. About the update: I've finished most of what I planned to do, currently I'm in the process of adding new animals (10 already finished). Can't wait to have most things completed so I can open a beta server.
  2. User API: I'm sorry for committing the mistake of making email addresses visibles in the game's API. I've fixed it already.
  3. I plan to record one or two teasers for the next update. I can do it myself, but if someone with experience editing videos wants to do it, I can send him/her all the snippets for him/her to join them into a complete video. If anyone want to volunteer, please comment writing what experience you have (YouTube channel, etc.)
  4. I think it would be great if the game had monthly tournaments, both solo and team based. I'd like to hear your ideas as to how they should be, and maybe what gamemodes they should be based on (PD for team tournament? or a new competitive gamemode).

Thanks for everyone's patience!

PS: I'll answer your PMs later, sorry for the delay!

submitted by /u/deeeepio

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Bugs compendium

Updated 20.08.2019

In this post I'll collect most of the bugs, glitches and exploits which have been reported in these past months in order to help our Developer.

If I missed something important you can report it in the comments so that I can add it to the list. Do not comment nerf/buff suggestions. I'll add links whenever possible. DEV has already acknoledged the issues about Manta-eel, Chat spam and Multi-tabs exploits so I won't add them to the list.

Never-ending out of water skills Some animals' abilities don't end out of water. This is a problem, especially with grabbers like Orca and Croc, as they're able to grab consecutively without consuming boosts.
Anaconda Death Suffocation If an Anaconda grabs a prey and dies while still coiling, the prey remains in an unshakeable coiled-state and suffocates afterwards.
Whale-pooling Unfair strategy/exploit, a Whale can kill with a single boost any "suckable" animal while camping in the whirlpools. The prey can't escape and dies in 2 seconds. Proposed solution.
[1vs1] Unending match Sometimes when you defeat Piranhas in 1vs1 the match doesn't end and you die at the end losing due to the toxic algae and thus your streak.
Interrupted boosts Boosts sometimes get randomly interrupted. Usually happens to GWShark, Hippo and Sleeper Shark.
Piranha leaderboard bug Only the stats of the last killed Piranha are recorded on the leaderboard, leading to inconsistency like (10M, 2mins, 0 kills).
Piranha's messy boost gauge Piranhas' boost gauge gets often bugged and doesn't record the right amount of charge in the bar.
[PD] Dying as Piranha If you die as Piranha and your XP bar is full you'll respawn automatically as the next level Piranha.
[1vs1] Streak saver Exploit. When you die by suffocation you don't lose your win streak. May happen with poison, bleeding and toxic algae.
Manta with 5+ animals Unsure of the mechanism. Manta can get more than 4 animals. May be a frame-timing problem or a faulty aura exist due to Humpback (?)
Speed stranding Animals with high speed buffs, in particular Marlin, hop very difficultly on islands (the speed buffs won't end on the island). Animals with no boosts like Olm and Whaleshark can skate on islands by holding right click.
Major TFFA issues

Minor issues

submitted by /u/sirDangel

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Update Poll Suggestion

Updated 22.11.2019

There is a lot of mystery surrounding the update, namely what the update is going to include and why.

My suggestion would take a lot of work by the DEV, but essentially I want to create a poll system to decide what goes in the next update.

I have taken this premise from another game, OSRS, which uses polls voted on by members to find out what its players want and don't want in the next update. This would work in the same way; we would use personal suggestions from Fede, as well as fitting suggestions from the subreddit, and use a poll system much like the one on Deepcord to decide what the community truly wants in the next update.

submitted by /u/SleepingGiant61

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How do you get and apply skins

Updated 21.11.2019

So I am really confused on how people get skins I

submitted by /u/silentmemer69

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Changing up evo chain

Updated 22.11.2019

Mahi Mahi sucks. A ton. My new proposal throws it into the tier 7 bucket. A slight nerf is all you need. Seal will now take over the evo of dolphin.

submitted by /u/whoatherebuddychill

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Electric Eel Rework

Updated 21.11.2019

Electric Eel Rework

Comment how you feel about this.

submitted by /u/Tytohbird

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Where do you want to see the game 2 years from now?

Updated 20.11.2019

Title. Discuss/write manifestos below.

To clarify, I mean what sort of features or elements, changes, et cetera.

submitted by /u/SelixReddit

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After a request for a walrus buff, i came up with this. Oh, and the requested goblin shark.

Updated 21.11.2019

First buff, it would have 40% armor now, they have thick skin and blubber irl which is very useful to make it almost impossible for a bear to kill a healthy adult.

Next, its dmg would be buffed to 160 and its armor pierce would stay at 50%. This would make it more capable of defending itself from the frankly many powerful arctic tier 10s.

It would now have immunity to polar bear balls even when not boosting.

On land it now regains boosts at a slow rate of 1 boost every 15 seconds. Works in ice as long as its above water too.

Its speed boost now is 50% when boosting instead of 35%

Can eat while boosting now

Can boost above water to air boost now

Has 2 minutes of temp and 1 minute of pressure now, walruses are resiliant and this would make bullying it out of its region much harder.

Final buff: immune to grabs while boosting

Now for goblin shark:

Has 800 hp now,

Boosts at 100% extra speed and becomes ungrabbable for 4 seconds with an uncharged boost

Shots now can differ: charge takes 1 second, if not fully charged it will fire the current shot but deal 200 dmg now and slow by 30% Second shot is fully charged, does 160 dmg but stuns for half a second and bleeds for 5 seconds.

Last change for goblin shark: can hit hiding animals with its projectiles.

submitted by /u/someguythinghuman

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Whale Shark Remora Rework

Updated 20.11.2019

Whale Shark Remora Rework submitted by /u/Sadnessified

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Humpback Abilities Rework

Updated 20.11.2019

Humpback Abilities Rework submitted by /u/Sadnessified

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Mimic Animal

Updated 20.11.2019

Manta ray has a lot of problems. Bugs, glitches, people not knowing what animals do what, animals being able to hitch on and then jump off and attack other animals, Fed would have a truck load of problems.

I propose a replacement for manta ray, which I have no name for. It is... the mimic animal

There are two ways I can see this.

The first way, is that this animal has boosts that have random abilities. One boost would be a grab, the next one a mantis punch. And so on. Every bar would have a small label, of the animal the ability is taken from. So if you recieved a shake ability, you'd have the label, croc. This ability only works for animals that need a boost for the ability to happen. So you can't recieve a beaver dam ability or a jellyfish "i am poison" ability. Only abilities that boosts activate.

The second, and my favorite, way is that the animal gains the ability of any animal it gets hit by or hits. So kinda an ele seal but wayyyyyyyy better. In this case, it doesn't even matter if the ability needs a boost or not. The only exception would be for birds, cuz thats just weird. If it hits a bobbit, it can dig, yes, with no pressure, yes. It also takes the amount of boosts that animal has as well.

Dmg will be the same for both ideas, as will hp. I'll leave that to u/somethingguyhuman or whatever his name is, to figure out.

submitted by /u/whoatherebuddycoolit

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Extreme lag(makes unplayable for me)

Updated 19.11.2019

Every time I play on my Windows 10 Lenovo ideapad 330 with type-C USB 3.1 gen 1, and an Intel core i3 8thgen the game ALWAYS ends up lagging on the free for all game mode(every FFA server) once I reach a certain point(usually any animal above the penguin/beaver stage, I even tried staying as the worm that comes after squid and just racking up points, but once I reached enough points to get past beaver/penguin it lagged SO much I couldn't play, the lag includes delayed boosting(I click to boost but the game takes SEVERAL seconds to boost, I move my mouse cursor to go one direction it takes a couple of seconds for my animal to stop moving sporadically and move in the general direction of my cursor, this appears to only happen to my animal in game, I can see all the other players moving freely and easily, even fully turning down the resolution, turning on the webGL(in settings it says to turn it on if FPS is low), and turning off antialiasing(I read that antialiasing can be hard on a computer) does NOTHING noticeable. My laptop is relatively new(bought around mid/late 2017-early 2018, any suggestions?

submitted by /u/XxNoObSlAyInBoBxX

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How to Balance, a la Tynan Sylvester (Creator of Rimworld, Author of 'Designing Games')

Updated 19.11.2019

How to Balance, a la Tynan Sylvester (Creator of Rimworld, Author of 'Designing Games')

Defining Balance

I picked up a copy of Tynan Sylvester's Designing Games recently, and have referred to it a few times when thinking of new ideas for My suggestions for the eagle ray and thresher shark came out of reading this book.

He has a chapter dedicated to balancing, and—while the whole book is excellent—here are a few choice quotes that I think we can work with.

The word balance is one of the most abused terms in game design. People

will call a game balanced when it seems fun, or imbalanced when it seems

unfair. But lumping all these ideas into one word confuses the method

with the goals.

Balancing is a method. It means changing the relative power of different

game mechanics. This method can be used to pursue almost any goal.

Fictional coherence, clarity, simplicity, and elegance can all be improved

by balancing. For example, a designer might reduce the health of a beggar

to emphasize his fictional frailty, or increase the speed of a jet to clarify

its role.

But among all the different goals that balance can achieve, two stand

above the others. They are fairness and depth.

Sylvester defines fairness as "when no player has an advantage at the start of play", and depth as "[generating] decisions that are so balanced that even experts aren’t sure of the best answer." (Sylvester 156-158)

He goes on to say that the key is not to balance the mechanics but to balance the strategies, the possible combination of actions, that a player can make to achieve a goal.

A good way to do this is to adopt a matching pennies design pattern: an attacking player wants to match his attack plan to exploit your defense plan, whereas you want a mismatch.

Matching Pennies in the Deeeep

A matching pennies design pattern from Starcraft II, arrows show supremacy

This is all to say that, to make balanced, we should stop trying to make every creature fair in isolation. Instead, we should see how each creature plays in relation to other creatures, and whether it counters/is countered by enough players.

Given that most complaints circle around grabbing specialists, I'd say that a big opportunity lies in adding more 'long range' attacking creatures and making projectiles more potent. Let's say that a beaked whale gets added to the game, and it has a style 'Annihilator' bullet? The bullet moves relatively slowly and causes the beaked whale to recoil back like a cannon, but can travel halfway across the map and deals tremendous damage on impact? How might that change the balance of power? And how might those be countered? Perhaps marlins step up to the fore, or perhaps tiger sharks.

Just my 2¢ on all this.

submitted by /u/Pathos316

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What is the address or link of the Luxoral Prime game?

Updated 19.11.2019

I would like to know because I want to try this game.

submitted by /u/Neonek675

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Anaconda and Whale Shark bug.

Updated 19.11.2019

So i got captured by an anaconda and my little fish thingies then almost killed the anaconda with a fall into the deep doing the rest. But despite the anaconda being dead i still couldn't move except for rolling around and then also died to the deep after a while.

submitted by /u/WeedyWeedz

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Colossal Squid Evolution if it gets in the game

Updated 19.11.2019

Colossal Squid Evolution if it gets in the game submitted by /u/Local1Idiot

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humpback whale is overpowered.

Updated 19.11.2019

humpback whale in is WAAAAY( with 4 A's) too overpowered. even teams of 2-3 whales or sharks can't beat that stupid humpback whale. it just regens, stuns you and gets off to get another million points. even if i play the humpback whale not one single animal can 1v1 me without losing. PLEASE NERF THE HUMPBACK WHALE

submitted by /u/Obama-Bin_laden

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Coral Reef

Updated 18.11.2019

This was a comment I made on a post that is now removed.

Because I want to hear the opinions of others, I’m going to post it again.

I’ve mostly been against Coral Reef becoming its own biome.

A microbiome would suit it better; being a location in Ocean where the animals made for it could maybe have buffs when in the area. Making it its own biome, wherein I assume temperature would succumb to animals who enter or leave said biome, would split the map.

It would also potentially limit many awesome animals to an area that could lack connection with Swamp, Arctic, and possibly even Deep.

submitted by /u/SleepingGiant61

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Strange and hard to learn animals

Updated 18.11.2019

While many of's animals are easy enough to learn or have well known and effective strategies; shark=spam boost for 810dmg, G squid=drag people to hell, orca=team, etc. There are animals like AST that require really different strategy to actually be played right, so think you could help me condense quick tips for hard to play animals?

I'll add them to the post as they come up:

Alligator Snapping Turtle

-Never chase animals, you will never get the kill because your slow and you will just loose boosts.

-Use the waterfall, it will drop animals into your mouth and pin them there or you can use the current along with the sinking thing to crash down on them.

-If you are in the upper swamp you can hid in the roots of the trees or in tree stumps and your disguise will not be that obvious.

-If you get chased, fully charge a boost and set up an ambush.

-Once you have the first blood strike off, don't bother fully charging you boosts, half charge them to keep them stun locked and under you.

-Be obi wan kenobi, always have the high ground.

-Use the sinking thing to dodge boosts and skirt out of the way of hippo charges.

-AST is meant for holding your ground, never retreat.

-Don't be afraid of ocean animals, with you boosts you should wreck almost all of them.

-Don't team, not an AST thing but teaming is bad and if I catch you doing it, I will murder you brutally.

-Don't attack everything you see, also not an AST thing but useful non the less, ignore player who leave you alone it helps prevent you from constantly being targeted or from being ganged up on.

-Use the map to your advantage, not specifically and AST thing but it helps with all animals, try to get the prey in a position where they cannot escape like the water fall, on top of them on the ground or in the caves.


-Keep your jump boosts high for the maximum speed boost (three jumps for a maximum of 99% speed boost) , your health is so bad you will need it

-ALWAYS hit and run, you will die otherwise

-Learn how to juke, with your speed should always use it to dodge attacks, especially grabbers

-Instead of passing under islands and loosing your speed buff, you can breech just ahead of it and boost slightly downward, you will then skim across the island, replenish you boost through the humans who spawned inside the island and not loose your speed buff.

-You actually have pretty good temperature and pressure time, when a GS grabs you, you can afford escape the long way to avoid damage. Once I got dragged into the caves and marlin literally had enough pressure to travel all the way to the other end and not take damage

-If you're fighting a whalepooler, don't directly hit them while they are in the whirlpool, use you speed buff to enter and exit the whirlpool and bait their sucks, once they leave to replenish boosts you can hit and run them.

-Don't "hop" across islands, (for some reason animals who get speed buffs move painfully slow when hopping across islands) you will die if another tier 10 finds you and you can't air boost away

-Be unpredictable, so many times you can predict where a marlin is going to go and land a devastating hit on its pathetic 700 hp.

-You have 100 armor penetration, I see people forgetting that and trying to hit and run sunfish, why bother when you can literally face tank them.

-If a whale using suction hits you while your near the surface, you get yeeted and don't even need to use a boost (I think you need the jumping buff though), use this to escape teamers.

Orca (thanks u/per_spective)

Well, firstly, I think some people just need to learn how to play orca without teaming.

Orca grab should never be used for damage, it has a strong 225 boost for that. Use your grab to position your enemies so that you can damage them with a normal hit or a boost. It's easy to waste your boosts as an orca, one for the initial grab, then another to properly position your enemy, then another to 225 them, so stick to areas where orca has the most advantage. Because of its weird hitbox, take care not to lose too much health, try to not let your opponent abuse the hitbox glitch even accidentally. Be extra careful about boosts around a tank - patience will be your friend. Orca can be an OP animal solo, but it takes skill and patience, so you don't really have to immediately try to find a team as an orca. If you do encounter a team, should you be able to grab them, again, position your enemy properly - ie. throw them into their own teammates. A lot of people complain about teaming but a good orca can use teaming to its own advantage. u/DICE3628800 is especially great at it, here's one of his video. There's a lot to learn from it. (

Edit: The video is also highly amusing just saying lol

[Note] don't question me this was all per_spective

Sleeper Shark

-You can live in the arctic and can wreck people there so it the arctic to get kills and stuff.

-Try not to find yourself in the ocean deep, with out walls to pin stunned animals on, you're at a disadvantage

-You can throw stunned teamers into their team mates, it's hilarious when you watch the dude's health evaporate by its own friends.

-You're a monster in tight spaces like caves where people can't dodge

-You are actually pretty maneuverable (shut up, I'm comparing to shark boost) when you boost starts but get in close.

-You can hit and run whales and cachs without to much difficulty unless something interferes.

-You can shake and throw an enemy and then use a second boost to completely escape them.

-If you ever get surrounded by teamers, throw people from whatever side has less people to the other side to cause chaos and escape.

-I really don't play deep animals too much (only to drag teamers and toxic individuals to hell with GS) so don't take my word for it.

Sawfish (thanks u/Tytohbird)

Sawfish is amazing when used right, but its quite underused. A tip I have with Sawfish is that if you see a Marlin breach out of the water and you have the position to take advantage of it, charge your boost and swim to the exact location where the Marlin is going to land. If you intercept their breach before they hit the water, you don't recieve bleeding, they start bleeding, and your saw deals extra damage. Or, if you know you can't make it, just swipe them with your saw while they are still airborne, then boost away. As a Marlin, ALWAYS have a boost ready, and try to make sure that you have the breach speed boost at all times so the opponent trying to intercept your breach will take extra damage AND start bleeding, AND the recoil from the interception will send you backwards, so you can dive back into the water and still maintain the speed boost.

[Note] don't question me, I only play this thing for chainsaw memes, thank (or curse) tytohbird

[Note] (this is a message to orcas) : DON'T TEAM YOU [insert you favorite swear word]

submitted by /u/Da_Time_Traveler

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Idea for hippoband orca rework

Updated 19.11.2019

First to be suggested, i will do ny take on a hipo rework.

First off, keeps current dmg but now has 1000 hp, it is ungrabbable and takes half damage while stunned. Boosting will double its speed, bringing it to 170%, this lasts 7 seconds and if it hits something, it pushes them with full armor pierce, eqch second you are in the way of the charge and getting pushed you take 40 dmg. Once in the charge, unless someone pushes you out you out you are staying in for the long run.

With more oxygen, if you sit still for 3 seconds you become invisible and get double healing. However, if you stand still too long (30 seconds) You begin losing your boosts at a rate of 1 every ten seconds.

However, it loses its bleed resist to compensate for these buffs, turning sawfish into a pssible counter.

Now for an idea for orca, the second animal requested.

First off, now does 160 dmg but has 50% armor pierce, making it a sunfish counter.

Losing its bleed resist, and having its speed nerfed to 85%, it has its hp upped to 1000 to show its size. Now, its boost gets changed up. The grab is now an uncharged boost and does no Damage when the grab lands, but after letting go, prey loses 8 oxygen.

To replace its charge boost, it has a new attack: the tail smack: this attack will deal 150 dmg, inflict 25% slowing for 5 seconds and takes 2 seconds to charge.

This would hopefully make orca good while simultaneously making more versatile yet less damage heavy. It would become an almost trickster of an animal, something to give and exploit every weakness you have, which could likely become a very fun animal, something to play smart like an actual orca.

Whaddaya think? Sound balanced or not?

Offer feedback and keep it civil too

submitted by /u/someguythinghuman

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Goliath Bullfrog Ammo Damage

Updated 18.11.2019

What animal does the most damage when shot out of a Goliath Bullfrog?

submitted by /u/Tytohbird

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How to fix electricity.

Updated 18.11.2019

How to fix electricity.

Eelectricity doesn’t work. It’s just too darned overpowered to balance out. It’s an unneeded, exploitable mechanic, and you probably get my point so let me explain why. Also, I know exactly who is going to get miffed by my post.


It’s pointless.

The electric stun is very similar to (or more broken than) the “stars” stun for most gameplay applications, so it could confuse new players.


It’s exploitable.

The electric abilities have been badly designed.

Electric Eel

The electric eel’s stun has a lot of give, and no take:

1. Eel boost has significant speed increase during the boost duration, allowing the player to easily pursue any nearby target.

2. Eel boost lasts several seconds, allowing it to stun an enemy continuously without retaliation. With 2 zero-charge boosts, it can thus trap them for about 10 seconds at a time.

3. Unlike a crocodile grab, the animal is STILL vulnerable to OTHER enemies. In a team setup, this means the animal is basically dead, and with multiple eels combined with some high-DPS animals, enemies are basically toast. They cannot eat or escape.


1. Manta stun is extremely simple to do. Whereas the mantis shrimp requires you to do the following:

  • Get in close
  • Charge your boost
  • Time it just right

… the manta has none of these constraints. On one non-charge boost, it can EASILY pursue and stun an animal.

2. In addition to the ease of attack, the manta deals higher boost damage along with the stun, allowing it to even kill an animal with its own three boosts (alternating normal and boost hit) at a speed almost Surviv-like, and that’s not what we’re going for, especially because it has essentially no competition here.

3. The manta can team up with a shark or orca to the same effect as with an electric eel.


The solution is to scrap electricity, since it’s largely bad for the game. There are only two electric abilities, and since one of them (manta’s) would be almost as broken with normal stun and mantis shrimp should be the stun tier 10 (hint, hint), eel should just give salinity boosts to the manta ray for that.

Below, I have illustrated my idea for an eel rework. This allows the stun+escape possibilities of the current eel, but cannot trap an enemy for extended periods of time. Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful day.

“My idea”

submitted by /u/SelixReddit

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1v1 update

Updated 18.11.2019

Update the creatue roster for 1v1! I really wanna try out the humpbackwhale without farming xp all the time!

submitted by /u/Maki____

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Anaconda and bobbit worm bug

Updated 18.11.2019

If an anaconda grabs you when you're a bobbit worm you will lose oxygen to the point that it empties before you can shake enough to get the grab off of you, you also dig when grabbed so you'll go underground and if you shake it off in the middle of being underground the anaconda will get yeeted up and you will die a slow and painful death because you don't regain oxygen even though bobbit can't lose oxygen, so if you get grabbed by this thing you're dead.

submitted by /u/Dashgull

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The close and continue button are nearly impossible to touch.

Updated 17.11.2019

The close and continue button are nearly impossible to touch. submitted by /u/ToasterPelican

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Why game be broken :(

Updated 18.11.2019

So recently we all know the servers went down, well when they came back up I guess that only applies to some people because my game is still down and no matter what I do, it wont work. I've talked to other people about this and from what I've seen the game is down for some people and up for most which kinda sucks for those who cant ay. Idk what's going on but please fix this cuz I've been itching to play recently :(


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I'm mad!!! This glitch has not been fixed in 4 years

Updated 17.11.2019

I'm on mobile, and sometimes my boost just won't work while I'm moving, it only works when I stay still, which does nothing but send me backwards towards the enemy. This has been happening for 4 years (yes it happened on the old version too). I'm especially mad right now because I was at my all time best, almost 2.7 Million points, and I was digging an orca,and guess who's boost stopped working! I had all 3 boosts charged up (I was a shark) and none of them would work, so I couldn't get away and I died. To get it to work again (it comes on and off, but once it starts it will eventually stop completely) I have to close the app and restart it, therefore having to start from scratch too. This is extremely annoying and it's why I stopped playing the game 2 years ago. I just started playing it again the past couple weeks and because of this issue I'll probably have to stop again, I've already posted about this once, and I've tried it on two different devices.

submitted by /u/MrCheapCheap

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